34 Istanbul

3. Bridge Description

Description of Bridge: 3 to be made to the Bosphorus. Varyap, which received the specifications for the bridge and North Marmara Motorway tender, was informed about the tender. Erdinc Varlıbaş, CEO of Varyap, who received the specifications for the tender, said: [more…]


Snow Storm in Uludag

Snowstorm effect in Uludag showed. While most holidaymakers were closing in on hotels, some ski lovers did not leave the tracks despite the storm. important holiday spots of Turkey's visibility in Uludag 10 meters until fall, snow storm has increased its influence. Authorities prevent vacationers from disappearing [more…]


Flash 3 from Erdogan. Bridge Output

3 no offer for tenders. Prime Minister Erdogan said the last word for the future of the bridge project. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the bid for the third Bosphorus Bridge tender, which is not offered today, oğaz Sometimes (contractors) agree on each other, I know [more…]

Halkalı Gebze Marmaray Surface Metro Line
34 Istanbul

History of Marmaray Project

History of Marmaray Project: The first railway tunnel that was planned to pass through the Bosphorus was drafted in 1860. The figure shows a tunnel and floating cross-sections standing on the columns and floating in the sea. Istanbul will pass under the Bosphorus [more…]

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49 Germany

Germany Railway Map

Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) is the main railway infrastructure preparer and operator in the country. Although Deutsche Bahn is a private institution, all its shares are held by the state. InterCityExpress, also known as ICE Deutsche Bahn [more…]