Governor Hüseyin Aksoy said: "We Are Educated By Logistics" Project, our main goal is to make Samsun the logistics center of the Black Sea.

Samsun Special Provincial Administration, which has been working on logistics, which is one of the sectors seen as the future of the city, held the opening cocktail of the "We are Educated by Logistics" Project with the participation of Governor Hüseyin Aksoy.

Following the signing of the contract for the "We are Educated by Logistics" Project, which was written by Samsun Special Provincial Administration for the Promotion of Registered Employment Grant Program with Innovative Methods, the Special Provincial Administration held an opening cocktail at the Education and Culture Center Meeting Hall.

On behalf of the Special Provincial Administration in Ankara, the General Secretary Aslan Karanfil and the Central Finance Contract Unit signed a contract with the authorities and the project was informed about the project at the meeting held prior to the opening cocktail of the project with the grant of 228.412,90 Euro (90).

In the cocktail where the project aims to train more dynamic, knowledgeable, qualified staff and to encourage employment, the project aims to develop the basic professional skills by raising awareness of the overall target of the project on the logistics sector and contributing to the promotion of employment in line with the needs of the local and private sector by providing coordination between relevant public and private institutions. was told to provide.

Speaking after the information about the project given by the Governor Huseyin Aksoy, Logic, said that attaches great importance to the following:

“Samsun has serious advantages in the logistics sector, which we see as the future of Samsun. One of them is that it is a province where 4 transportation lines meet. With this in mind, the 'We Are Educated Through Logistics' Project is important to us. Therefore, our main goal in line with this project is to make Samsun the logistics center of the Black Sea.

Underlining that Samsun has the potential to become the logistics center of the Black Sea, Aksoy said, “The concept of logistics is now an important concept in the world. in this sense it is taking place on a global scale in Turkey. We did serious work in this direction during my time as Mersin Governorship. "Now, we will try to move Samsun to a good point in logistics by working in this direction in Samsun."

OMü Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ferşat Kolbai this is the capacity of the logistics industry will come from the $ 10 billion to $ 120 billion over 250 years in Turkey, he said.

TSO Vice President Servet Keskinsoy stated that they would support the project as a room and the concept of logistics was of great importance for them.

In the first phase of the project, where the Special Provincial Administration, Metropolitan Municipality, Ondokuz Mayıs University and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be carried out jointly, the target of 21 unemployed people between the ages of 30-40 who are university graduates registered with İŞKUR, have a computer management certificate, speak English, and want to pursue their career in the logistics sector will be taken.

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