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Cities passing through the train

The children of villages, towns, cities that do not pass railroads do not know how to play with toy trains and that the stations are safe, compassionate and warm. The garages are like refuge. It makes silence and loneliness. When the passengers are loaded [more…]

07 Antalya

Nevşehir-Antalya Railway Connection Works Started

Work has started for the construction of the Nevsehir-Antalya railway connection. According to the information received from the Governorship of Nevsehir, Antalya-Konya-Aksaray-Nevsehir-Kayseri railway project covering the Nevsehir section of the 65 kilometer line Environmental Assessment (EIA) reports are continuing preparations. According to the project [more…]


Railway Letter from Giresun TSO

The railway project, which will contribute greatly to the economic development and development of the Eastern Black Sea, needs to be planned to cover the whole region as a whole. Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Railways, Ports and Air [more…]