ibbden metro have sports activity
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IMM 'Sports on the Metro' Event

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will organize various events between 23-30 September as part of European Sports Week. The activities are aimed at increasing the mobility of Istanbulites in daily life. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul residents to live a healthy and active life to improve their quality of life [more…]

ibb's smart city projects in teknofest
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IMM's Smart City Projects at Teknofest 2019

Technological applications implemented by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality within the framework of teknolojik Smart City Istanbul ”vision took place in TEKNOFEST- Istanbul Aerospace and Technology Fair. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), many “Smart City” technologies developed in Istanbul 2. times opening the doors [more…]

self-generating tram station
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Self Generating Tram Station

Station That Generates Its Energy. Metro Istanbul, a subsidiary of IMM, installed 8,4 kw power Solar Energy System at Metris Tram stop. The system, which is able to meet the electricity needs of the 7 households annually, provides the necessary energy for the station. Most [more…]

train drivers broveler ekrem imamoglundan
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Trainers' Badges From Ekrem İmamoğlu

24 organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Metro Istanbul. 66 machinist who completed the train trainings of the term will receive the certificates of the President Ekrem İmamoğlu. The Train Drivers Training Program organized by Metro Istanbul, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), has been organized by 24. End of the period [more…]