Unmanned Underwater Vehicle to be Produced at FabLab

Unmanned Underwater Vehicle to be Produced in FabLab
Unmanned Underwater Vehicle to be Produced at FabLab

📩 28/05/2022 12:59

FabrikaLab İzmir within the body of FikrimİZ became a frequent destination for those who set their heart on technological research. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which offers the opportunities in the million-dollar R&D laboratories of large companies to the service of innovative ideas, opened its doors to more than 3 thousand researchers in just 3 years. At FabrikaLab, work on producing an unmanned underwater vehicle has now started.

Established within the Occupation Factory of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Fikrimiz Unit works with the aim of bringing Izmir's economy to an innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem, providing a full-time, productive and innovative work environment for everyone, and reducing poverty. FabrikaLab İzmir (Fabrication Laboratory) within FikrimİZ opens its doors to entrepreneurs who set their heart on technological research. Over 3 thousand people benefited from the venue in the Historical Coal Gas Factory Youth Campus, which embraces science, innovative design and technology. In our Idea Unit, many trainings and workshops were held on 3 different topics, from mechanical robot arm construction to unmanned aerial vehicle design, from furniture design to 32D printer construction, from e-commerce to social entrepreneurship.

Our opinion is a very big chance

Elif Özdemir, who is studying at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Katip Çelebi University, stated that they will produce the unmanned underwater vehicle in the FabrikaLab İzmir laboratory under the body of FikrimİZ of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and said, We are getting ready for the space technology festival. Our team consists of 8 people. We are planning to map the underwater with our tool. When I wanted to realize this project, I had to set up a workshop outside and I had to sacrifice at least 40 thousand liras for a beginner. We had to buy a lot of material, from a simple chisel to a soldering iron. However, it is a great chance for Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to offer this service to us young people. We also receive mentoring support from the engineers here. They help us a lot in using the machines and developing our ideas. It is a very good opportunity for a new team in Izmir to find these opportunities.”

They come to Izmir from outside the city to receive service

Melis Başkonuş Demirci, Head of Fikrimiz Unit and Metallurgical and Materials Engineer at the same time, said, “We receive and evaluate project applications from our entrepreneurs. Working with the appointment system, we produce prototypes here. Our center, which is open to everyone over the age of 16, mostly attracts graduate and doctoral students. We also work with vocational high schools here. We have workshops. We mentor in line with our expertise. At the same time, we have users from different provinces. Particularly, there are participants from Manisa, Aydın, Denizli and Eskişehir. We have all the equipment of the Fabrication Laboratories in the world. We also direct people who do not have the necessary modeling knowledge in prototype construction to Modeling Courses given by our Vocational Factory Branch Directorate. As OUR Idea Unit, we also have a 220 square meter joint work and activity area, apart from our 290 square meter workshop.

They produce together

Within FabrikaLab İzmir, Laser Cutter, CNC Router, Robot Arm, 4D Printer working with 3 different Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology, 3D Printer working with Stereolithography (SLA) technology, 3D Scanner, Vinyl Cutter, Computer Aided Digital Sewing Machine , Electronic Development Boards, mechanical equipment and Electronic Programmable Equipment Units. FikrimİZ team consists of Metallurgical and Materials Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Industrial Designer, Software Specialist and Sociologist.

Member of the international network

FabrikaLab İzmir, which provides the opportunity to turn ideas into projects and dreams into inventions, became a member of “The Fab Foundation” (International FabLab Network) in its first year. This international organization, which organizes Fab conferences on a different continent every year, paves the way for cooperation in different fields. The idea of ​​FabLab, which emerged from a program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA, took on flesh and blood in 2001. In 2009, “The Fab Foundation” was established in order to gather FabLabs around the world and strengthen the FabLab network. FabrikaLab İzmir, founded by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, was also included in this international network.

free service

FabrikaLab İzmir is open to individual entrepreneurs, students, employees in production areas, designers, SMEs and corporate companies. FabrikaLab İzmir also has the distinction of being the only FabLab established by the Metropolitan Municipality, offering free public service in Turkey with its 220 square meter workshop area.

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