Aygün Tuzla Bridge Unites 3 Districts in Diyarbakır

Aygun Tuzla Bridge Unites the District in Diyarbakir
Aygün Tuzla Bridge Unites 3 Districts in Diyarbakır

With the bridge built by Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, the road between Kulp, Silvan and Batman's Sason district was shortened by 60 kilometers.

The Metropolitan Municipality continues to implement projects to provide quality and comfortable transportation at many points in the city center and districts.

The Road Construction Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department built a connection road between Aygün and Tuzla neighborhoods in Kulp district.

Within the scope of the works, a 70-foot bridge with a length of 10 meters, a width of 6 meters and a height of 7 and a half meters was built. In order to make the bridge strong and long-lasting, 80 bored piles of 98 cm were driven.

The Aygün-Tuzla bridge, which was put into service, provided the connection between Kulp, Silvan and Batman's Sason district. The bridge connected the roads of 10 neighborhoods in Kulp district, excluding districts.

“We are very happy as locals”

Aygün Neighborhood Headman Mehmet Ahmetoğlu said that after the suspension bridge built in 1969 became dysfunctional, they were able to make the connection by traveling 60 kilometers for years.

Muhtar Ahmetoğlu said: “As residents of the Aygün neighborhood, we could travel 60 kilometers to get to Tuzla. The bridge is not only a link between villages, it was built at a very important point in the Batman, Silvan and Kulp triangle. As the local people, we are very pleased, God bless everyone who contributed.”

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