How Diabetes Affects the Eyes

How Does Diabetes Affect the Eyes?

Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Eyüp Özcan gave information about the subject. Diabetes causes serious damage to the eye over a long period of time and results in blindness if eye problems are not treated in the early stages. [more…]

Eyes are always on you with Fossil Men's Watch

All eyes on you with Fossil Men's Watch

Being one of the first names that come to mind when the whole world thinks of watches, Fossil proves that it maintains its prestige by updating itself with men's watch fashion. Models that shape the trends are distinguished by their elegance from both simplicity and nobility. [more…]

The Campaign for IBB's Side in Time of Troubles Started with Women
34 Istanbul

Campaign by IMM in Time of Troubles Started with Women

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, spoke at the 'IBB Side by Side-Women Forum' event in a difficult moment. Saying, “Those who brought this country into this state owe a great debt and embarrassment to women,” İmamoğlu said, “We will not have a 'Men's Municipality' established in Istanbul again. [more…]

Incorrect Information About Waist Fit

10 False Facts About Herniated Back

Acıbadem Ataşehir Hospital Brain and Nerve Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Ziya Akar told about the wrong information that is thought to be true in the society about herniated disc; made important recommendations and warnings. every low back pain [more…]

Suggestions for Solving Sleep Problems

Suggestions for Solving Sleep Problems

Memorial Kayseri Hospital, Department of Neurology Prof. Dr. Nergiz Hüseyinoğlu gave information about sleep and made suggestions. Sleep is a resting and repairing process for living things. When people sleep regularly, the heart and blood vessels, [more…]

'Wood Burning Exhibition Opened in Uskudar'
34 Istanbul

'Wood Burning Exhibition' Opened in Üsküdar

Art lovers came together at the 'Wood Burning Exhibition' held in Üsküdar. Works prepared by Yaşar Kaygun, one of the masters of wood burning art, by processing wood with fire, are presented in the exhibition. Altunizade Culture and Art by Üsküdar Municipality [more…]

Intern Quota from Kayseri Buyuksehir
38 Kayseri

2023 Intern Quota from Kayser Metropolitan in 612

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality made a presentation to Erciyes University students about the introduction of Kayseri Career Center and the National Internship Program of the Presidency of the Presidency of Human Resources Office. Metropolitan, this year 612 intern quota for students [more…]

Kartepe Cable Car Project Advancing Rapidly
41 Kocaeli

Kartepe Cable Car Project is Progressing Fast

Work continues intensively on the Kartepe Cable Car Project, where Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has turned a 50-year-old dream into reality. When the project, which will reach Kuzuyayla from Derbent, is completed, citizens can enjoy a unique view between both stations. [more…]

Young People Will Walk for the Martyrs of Sarikamis
36 Kars

Youth will march for Sarıkamış Martyrs

On the 108th anniversary of the Sarıkamış Operation, the Ministry of Youth and Sports will organize a Loyalty March for the Martyrs of Sarıkamış with the slogan "We are always on the same track". In the Ministry's traditional "Sarıkamış Martyrs' Commemoration Program," thousands of young people said, "We always [more…]