titan grade v

Titan Class 5

Titanium grade 5 material may have item number 3.7164 or 3.7165 (titanium) and is also known as Ti6A14V. Refers to the most widely used titanium alloy. The reason for many uses is small density and large [more…]

Effects of magnesium on bone health

Effects of Magnesium on Bone Health

Being healthy bones, which are one of the most important parts of the body, is a factor that seriously affects human life. Although it has been thought that calcium mineral is sufficient for bone health for many years, some studies have been done. [more…]

Arrangement in Kecioren Metro Last Time
06 Ankara

Arrangement in Keçiören Metro Last Time

The second phase of the M4 Keçiören Metro line (Martyrs-AKM), the construction of which is being carried out by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, to Kızılay has been completed. Test studies for the commissioning of the 2 km line consisting of 3 stations [more…]

Children's Favorite Toy Library
07 Antalya

Children's Favorite 'Toy Library'

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Book and Toy Library became the favorite of children. From the Lego Room to the Keloğlan House, from the Journey to Mars Room to the event stage, 2022 thousand children benefited from the center where education meets entertainment in 15. [more…]

Domestic Branding Move in Elevator
16 Bursa

Domestic Branding Move in Elevator

Hasan Büyükdede, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology, met in Bursa within the scope of the Industry and Technology Cooperation Board (SANTEK), which was established to determine policies and strategies regarding the industry and technology of the provinces. [more…]

The Future City Themed Urban Jam was hosted by ABB
06 Ankara

City of the Future 'Urban Jam' Hosted by ABB

Continuing its support to the IT sector and young IT professionals, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality hosted the 'city of the future' themed gamejam event, which was held for the first time in Turkey. IT to the two-day event at Ankara Technology Bridge in Dikmen [more…]

Eren Blockade Autumn Winter Operation Started
47 Mardin

Eren Blockade Autumn-Winter 22 Operation Started

“Operation Eren Blockade Autumn-Winter-655 (Mardin-Bagok) Martyr Gendarmerie Petty Officer Senior Sergeant Fatih Duru” was launched by the Ministry of Interior with the participation of 22 personnel in Mardin. According to the statement made by the Ministry, removing the PKK terrorist organization from the country's agenda and [more…]

Izmir Children's Film Festival Begins
35 Izmir

Izmir 3nd Children's Film Festival Begins

Children's Film Festival, organized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for the third time between January 21 and February 5, will spice up the children's break. Within the scope of the festival, “Gamonya: Land of Dreams” and “King Şakir Pirates Land” [more…]

Mosque Chandelier Models and Prices

Mosque Chandelier Models and Prices

Mosque chandeliers, which we sell as a well-established company, are often known for their magnificent and striking images. Because our products are used for lighting and visual purposes in mosques, which are the most important places of worship. [more…]

Description About Buca Kiriklar Cemetery Area
35 Izmir

Explanation About Buca Kırıklar Cemetery Area

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality announced that the allegations that "a cemetery was built opposite the school in the region by ignoring the demands of the people" in Buca Kırıklar did not reflect the truth. The following information was included in the statement: The said 16-acre area (677 [more…]

Turkish Defense Industry Goals

Turkish Defense Industry 2023 Targets

The Turkish defense industry has achieved many firsts in 2022. In this article, we have compiled the targets that were successfully achieved by the Turkish defense industry in 2022 and are expected to be realized in 2023. In 2022 [more…]