70% of Consumers Distrust Brands That Have Experienced Data Breach

Percent of Consumers Don't Trust Brands That Have Experienced Data Breach
70% of Consumers Distrust Brands That Have Experienced Data Breach

📩 24/01/2023 14:27

Komtera Technology Sales Director Gürsel Tursun underlined that brands that have faced data breaches before have suffered great financial losses as a result of the loss of trust, and stated that the trust relationship between the user and the brand is ensured by data security.

While cybersecurity incidents make headlines every day, it doesn't do enough to take action on vulnerabilities that could damage brands' reputations. Stating that only 58% of businesses take effective cyber security measures, Gürsel Tursun listed 3 important and easy-to-apply suggestions for the protection of personal data and for not damaging the brand reputation.

“Be transparent in your privacy policy”

The most practical way to convey that it is a reliable brand and to make customers feel this trustworthiness is to give importance to transparency while protecting personal data.

“Get professional support in KVKK application”

Knowing how to implement the security of personal data determined by legal limits may not be enough. Receiving relevant support from the professionals of the business will provide serious support to the brands in tackling the problems they will encounter and in protecting personal data within the framework of both administrative and technical dimensions.

“Inform users regularly”

Changing privacy policies and not informing users damage the brand reputation while breaking user trust. Keeping in touch with users regularly about privacy policies contributes to building trust.

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