Nostalgic Train in Kirklareli People's Garden
39 Kırklareli

Nostalgic Train in Kırklareli Public Garden

As a result of the survey organized by the Governorship of Kırklareli, the Nostalgic Train, which our esteemed citizens of Kırklareli decided to take part in the National Garden Project, took its place in the Kırklareli National Garden. As a result of the survey of the Governorship of Kırklareli, in the National Garden Project [more…]

Colorful Sea Creatures in Kecioren
06 Ankara

Colorful Sea Creatures in Keçiören

The colorful creatures in Keçiören Municipality Sea World continue to be an indispensable travel stop for children and families. This place attracts underwater enthusiasts who want to see sea and ocean creatures, thousands of species of water, large and small. [more…]

Denizli residents flock to Camel Wrestling
20 Denizli

Denizli people flocked to camel wrestling

Camel wrestling, organized for the second time this year by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, was the scene of colorful scenes again. “Arab Mustafa” won the Metropolitan Cup in the event where tens of thousands of citizens flocked. Continuing to live the values ​​from the past [more…]

Strategic Moves in Kayseri's Transportation Network
38 Kayseri

Strategic Moves in Kayseri's Transportation Network

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, under the management of Mayor Büyükkılıç, completed the road construction works in 5 different regions by making strategic moves for comfortable, safe and uninterrupted transportation in the city, while the works in 10 different regions are at full speed. [more…]

School Project in Secondary Education Comes to Life

10.000 School Projects in Secondary Education Come to Life

The 10.000 Schools Project in Secondary Education was prepared in order to create school environments that support academic, social, emotional and physical development, to reduce the differences in achievement between schools, and to strengthen the equality of opportunity and opportunity in education. by the Ministry of National Education [more…]

Applications for My New Home Campaign Have Started

Applications for the 'My New Home Campaign' Started

Applications for the “My New Home with the New Housing Financing Model” campaign, which was implemented with the joint efforts of the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, and the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, started as of today. Citizens are also interested in the campaign. [more…]

Children's Athletics Seminar Held in Bartin
74 Bartin

Children's Athletics Seminar Held in Bartın

Children's Athletics Seminars of the Turkish Athletics Federation continued with the event in Bartın. 90 trainees attended the seminar of Children's Athletics in Bartın, which was supported with special modules in order to popularize athletics across the country. After the courses completed online [more…]

Flour Trend Hybrid Lives

Trend of 2023 Hybrid Lives

Digital security company ESET evaluated business and entertainment life, which has started to slide into the virtual world, from the perspective of cyber security. Work, socialize and play with cloud-enabled applications in our hands and our pockets. [more…]

IBB Introduced Halic Art
34 Istanbul

İBB Introduced Golden Horn Art

İBB introduced Golden Horn Art. 3 historical buildings of Ottoman heritage, which were abandoned for years on the shores of the Golden Horn and left to their fate, were restored by IMM Heritage teams. Exhibition galleries and arts and culture [more…]