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Why Brabus Wheels and Rims Are the Best Choice for a Car
Why Brabus Rims And Wheels Are The Best Choices For A Car?

A Mercedes Benz car has always been a sign of the prestige and status of its owner. All models of this brand are distinguished by their exceptional appearance, the long-term reliability of each mechanism, guaranteed by German manufacturers, and the thoughtfulness of all details without exception. Of course, the general image of Mercedes cars also includes wheels, whose design, performance, and durability are completely combined with the general image of the brand. In Mercteil you can find everything that needs you Mercedez, including  brabus monoblock. 

External differences of brabus rims for Mercedes cars

The brabus monoblock wheels on the Mercedes are carefully thought out by the company's designers and emphasize the appearance of the car, where each new model has common distinctive features of the brand.

Each brabus wheel disc produced at the enterprise for a particular model is developed based on the analysis of cars from previous years and the wishes of individual, most active brand owners. First of all, hand sketches are created, which go through a lot of approvals, and only if approved, the designer carefully draws a 3d model of each product.

Brabus monoblock discs for Mercedes are produced exclusively at the factories of the company, as well as in accredited companies specializing in automotive accessories. This means that the automaker itself carefully monitors the quality of each manufactured product and imposes a huge number of requirements and specifications on third-party suppliers. Wheels designed for Mercedes should always have a brand logo.

After the designers, engineers enter the work, who carefully calculate each spoke, determine the location of the landing plane and calculate the thickness of the rim. This is how the Mercedes wheel project is born, fully satisfying the brand's needs.

For each new brabus monoblock wheel, taking into account the individuality of all brand models, its own matrix is created, and over the past few decades of the company's work, they have never been repeated. That is, when a new Mercedes is released from the assembly line, only innovative wheels are always on it.

Specialists approach alloy technology for brabus monoblock wheels with a special level of responsibility, developing all new recipes adapted to a particular brand. As a result, after casting, high-quality, homogeneous, lightweight, and durable products that meet all German standards are born.

Features of the original alloy brabus monoblock wheels

Every popular global car brand monitors the image of each new model, and Mercedes Benz is no exception here. Thus, the brabus monoblock wheels presented at an official dealer during the implementation of each modification, depending on the technical equipment and pricing policy, have the following features.

When a compact car goes on sale for use in the city, for example, A, B, or C class, it is equipped with relatively budget wheels in a classic design with 5, 7, or 9 spokes painted in metallic color, which gives the brand a stylish, but at the same time restrained look.

If the concern produces more prestigious business and executive class sedans, such as E or S class, then the wheels acquire a more exclusive look, are greatly increased in radius and width, and can also be made in black or chrome versions, especially when it comes to tuning "Brabus" or "AMG".

Why Brabus Wheels and Rims Are the Best Choice for a Car

SUVs in the SUV configuration (GLC, GLE, GE, G class) are equipped with wide wheels with a fairly low rubber profile, the radius of which can reach up to 22 inches.

When exclusive coupes or roadsters (CL, SL, SLK, etc.) come into a sale, the wheels amaze the imagination, shimmering with all the colors of the brand's palette, and they can also be either with a "spider web" or a shell design, with a flashy design.

Brabus wheels are a prestigious tuning of Mercedes cars, each new detail is an exclusive development, often with the participation of manual labor according to specially executed sketches. Taking into account labor costs and the cost of materials, Brabus discs for Mercedes cannot be budgeted.

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