How to Unclog?

How to Make Clogged Opening
How to Unclog

Congestion can occur for many reasons. Generally, clogs can occur in sinks, toilet bowls, kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and in balcony blockages of floor drains. It is even more effective in the often rainy winter months. Unblocking can be done frequently with wire special drugs and acid-based drugs for unclogging. But over a long period of time, the acids cause the PVC pipes to melt. Istanbul Unclogging We do the unclogging process with special robot machines without breaking them. For this reason, there are special robot machines that are clean and harmless. Thanks to the special machine, many blockages such as toilets and bathrooms are opened without breaking, without breaking and pouring, by releasing the wire.

How Does a Congestion Occur?

For Washbasins:

  1. Disposal of Tea Pulp
  2. Disposal of Food Waste
  3. Throwing Fruit & Vegetables in the sink after peeling

For Toilet:

  1. Disposing of Paper Napkins
  2. Disposal of Baby & Women (Pad) Diapers
  3. Disposal of Solid Materials

To avoid these problems, proper and regular use is required.

Causes of Pimatic Occlusion

Pistons, which can be defined as waste water pipes, become clogged over time for certain reasons. In case of pins occlusion, pins must be opened as soon as possible. The causes of pimash occlusion can be said in different ways in general. UncloggingHowever, due to its general structure, it has been observed that dirty water creates a blockage. Apart from dirty water Opening Expenses Different situations can be said for pin occlusion.

Pimaş pipes are pipe systems connected to every area such as kitchen and bathroom. It throws the dirty water coming from these areas outside the building and is removed from there. However, in some cases, the pimaşlar cannot remove these waters and a blockage occurs. Apart from the dirty water being the biggest factor in the pins clog, there are also some pins clogging reasons. Considering these reasons in general;

If items such as wet wipes, unwanted foreign objects and napkins are thrown into the toilet pipes, the toilet pipes become clogged, and in this case, it leads to clogging of the washcloth.

When washing dishes in kitchen sinks, escaping wastes or pouring excess cooking oil into the sink first causes clogging of your pipes, and then clogging of the laundry pipes.

An improperly laid down pipe is one of the biggest causes of clogged drainpipes.

When these substances are considered, there is a usage-oriented piping blockage. It is very important for us whether the pinash structure is correct in our services we provide within the scope of Istanbul pimaş opening process. The fact that the drain pipes of the poorly laid pile structure are narrower than they should be, is one of the causes of blockage in every scope.


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