ALTAY Tank Will Have National Power Group in 2025

ALTAY Tanki Will Own the National Power Group
ALTAY Tank Will Have National Power Group in 2025

Head of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir talked about the developments in the defense industry in the “Special Under Record” program organized by Haber Global.

President of the Turkish Presidency of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir was the guest of the "Special Under Record" program broadcast on Haber Global on August 10, 2022. Answering the questions of the program host Saynur Tezel about the defense industry, Demir also made statements about the Altay tank.

Demir said, “There are a few companies in the world that make this level of powertrain. It's not an easy job. Our engine has been tested for quite some time. The 1500 hp group will directly appeal to the Altay tank. Our 1000 hp group engine goes a little further. Tests continue. Towards 2025, Altay will go with our domestic engine.

It takes a certain time for the engine to reach the level to be used. For example, Korea's tank is very similar to ours. Currently, Korea only uses engines. The powertrains are from Germany. When we started our first engine process, it was going to start with support from two Western companies, but it didn't happen. There was an attitude not to give the engine of the tank to Turkey. These were there before.

Turkey is no longer a country that will live by the standards allowed by others. If we want to protect our national interests independently, there is no point. This is an issue that a country should pay attention to, along with lessons learned.”

Serial production of the Altay tank can begin with the Korean power group

The President of Defense Industry Prof., who was the guest of Sami Dadağıl's Ankara Kulusi program on Akit TV. Dr. İsmail Demir gave information about the latest developments in various projects. Demir, in his statement regarding the ALTAY main battle tank, stated that the tests of the power group supplied from the Republic of Korea continue. He explained that if the tests are successful, the mass production process will start with the Korean power group.

Demir stated that in parallel with this, the work on the domestic power group continues and that the target is to use these systems in the Altay tank in the future.

Source: defenceturk

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