Giant Agreement Between TEI and BOTAŞ

Giant Agreement Between TEI and BOTAS
Giant Agreement Between TEI and BOTAŞ

TEI, the leading company of our country in aviation engines; It will also transfer its infrastructure, manufacturing, maintenance and repair capabilities and its success in engine design and development to gas turbines used in power generation.

According to the protocol signed between TEI and BOTAŞ, TEI; It will support BOTAŞ in engineering support for all gas turbines in BOTAŞ inventory, studies to be carried out within the scope of localization, renewal and efficiency, and maintenance and service.

The two giant companies, which started to work for the maintenance and repair of a gas turbine used by BOTAŞ in the past months, expanded their cooperation for all gas turbines in the inventory with this agreement.

Within the scope of the protocol, joint work will be carried out with BOTAŞ on gas turbines and natural gas compressors to be developed by TEI.

The signing ceremony held at TEI Eskişehir Campus was attended by TEI General Manager Prof. Dr. Mahmut F. Akşit, BOTAŞ General Manager Burhan Özcan, TEI Programs Director Ahmet Kain, BOTAŞ Deputy General Manager M. Talha Pamukçu and company officials attended.

Turkey's leading company in aviation engines, TEI, with 8 national and 11 domestic aviation engine designed, developed, operated and produced especially in the last 1 years; In the past weeks, it introduced the first national turbofan engine of our country, TEI-TF6.000, which will produce 6000 lbf thrust.

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