A Circular on Security and Housing Measures at Universities with 81 was Sent from the Ministry

Circular on Security and Housing Measures in Universities was Sent by the Ministry
A Circular on Security and Housing Measures at Universities with 81 was Sent from the Ministry

In line with the decisions taken at the meeting with 81 Provincial Governors and Provincial Directors of Youth and Sports under the chairmanship of Youth and Sports Minister Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu and Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, a circular on Security and Housing Measures at Universities was sent to the governorships.

Provincial Commissions for Increasing Peace and Confidence in Universities, formed with the participation of relevant university administrators and security chiefs, under the chairmanship of the governors before each academic year, in order to maintain the new education and training at universities in an environment of peace and trust; will continue to conduct risk analyzes and take measures regarding the buildings, facilities and other areas of the university campuses. In universities, effective fight against drug crimes, member of criminal/terrorist organizations kazanMeasures will be taken to prevent abuses and provocations. In addition, dormitories, hostels, apartments, etc., where university students will stay during the new academic year. Possible exorbitant prices will not be allowed in places, and students with insufficient financial situation will be assisted with scholarships and accommodation through public institutions and non-governmental organizations.

In the circular, the measures to be taken in the circular published due to the announcement of the results of the preference after the 2022 Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) and the expectation of an increase in student mobility in the provinces with the start of the university enrollment procedures are listed as follows:

Accommodation Opportunities of University Students Will Be Increased

As the increasing number of students will increase the demand for student dormitories, province/district based needs analyzes will be conducted for the accommodation of university students. Students with accommodation problems will be identified and placed in guesthouses belonging to public institutions and organizations, and cooperation with non-governmental organizations will be ensured when necessary. The full use of the existing capacity in the student dormitories and additional capacity will be created to the extent possible. In this context; vacant lodgings and buildings belonging to public institutions and organizations that can be used as dormitories will be transformed immediately and they will be raised to the beginning of the 2022-2023 academic year.

Inter-Ministerial Coordination Will Be Established

In order to benefit from the capacities of hotels, hostels, apartments and private dormitories throughout the province, they will be rented in coordination with the Ministry of Youth and Sports. In addition, those who have vacant quotas from the dormitories of the Ministry of National Education throughout the province will be used within the means. Necessary studies will be carried out by private administrations and municipalities in order to solve the housing problem in our small towns with university campuses. The personnel, materials, etc. that will be brought along with the capacity increase and the determination of new places to stay. needs will be met under the coordination of governorships.

Exorbitant Prices Will Not Be Allowed in Dormitories, Pensions and Apartments

Dormitory, hostel, apartment, etc., where university students will stay during the education period. Possible exorbitant price practices will not be allowed in places. Financial support will be provided to students with insufficient financial situation through public institutions and non-governmental organizations, and they will be assisted in terms of scholarships/accommodation. In cooperation with local governments, contact information will be shared with the public, through which students can communicate their problems (such as accommodation and transportation) during and after the registration period. In order to ensure easy access of students to university/campus campuses and dormitories, public transportation etc. Collaboration with the relevant units will be ensured to increase the number of vehicles and to solve possible or potential problems.

Effective Fight Against Illegal Structures in the Campuses

Lighting systems in university campuses, Credit and Dormitories Institution (KYK) buildings and private dormitories will be controlled and public transportation stops will be determined to be close to the dormitories. Studies will be carried out to expand the X-Ray devices, door detectors and security camera systems in the university and dormitory campuses, and the related devices will be checked and deficiencies will be eliminated. Illegal organizations trying to get in touch with students under the name of providing accommodation and financial means, opening stands/distributing brochures, etc. activities will not be permitted. In this context; Information stands will be opened by university administrations at points such as terminals, train stations and airports, which are the first stopover points for students in the city. In addition, intelligence studies will be focused on preventing the use and sale of drugs and stimulants.

Information on the Activities of Terrorist Organizations Will Be Made

Panels, seminars, etc., in cooperation with universities, to increase awareness of the dirty propaganda of terrorist organizations aimed at influencing students. work will be carried out. In addition, new members of criminal/terrorist organizations kazanIn order to prevent yeast studies, intelligence studies will be emphasized. Within the scope of the circular, the illegal activities of illegal organizations such as student clubs and women's platforms that are considered to be affiliated with terrorist organizations within the university will be monitored and their activities that may turn into propaganda activities will not be allowed.

We Will Be Vigilant Against Provocations

Within the scope of the circular, necessary actions will be taken and preventive measures will be taken against those who make posts that constitute an element of crime, by being vigilant against provocative posts with disinformation content to be made on social media, especially on the subject of housing.

Supervision Activities Will Be Increased

Daily rental houses, hotels, game rooms, cafes, etc. located around the university campuses. Pursuant to the circular, in which it is stated that the inspections for places will be increased by ensuring coordination with the relevant units, it will also be possible to increase the necessary inspections and plan public order practices by being sensitive to suspicious persons, vehicles, packages/bags/banners.

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