'VIP' Training for Protection Personnel on Challenging Tracks

VIP Training on Challenging Tracks for Protection Personnel
'VIP' Training for Protection Personnel on Challenging Tracks

In the Protection Training Academy Police Training Center Directorate, trainees go through 316 hours of rigorous training to serve as close guards.

In place of Elmadağ Martyr Mustafa Büyükpoyraz Police Vocational Training Center Directorate, the Directorate of Protection Training Academy Police Training Center was established under the Presidency of the General Directorate of Security, with the Presidential Decision published on April 7, 2022.

In the academy, which started training on August 10, 2020, a total of 248 trainees, 3 of which were Gendarmerie personnel, received training so far.

Being one of the three examples in the world, the academy also provides educational support to countries such as Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

In the 8th term of the academy, 123 trainees, 50 of whom were gendarmerie personnel, received training from 318 trainers and receive 10 hours of theoretical and practical training in 316 weeks.

In the trainings, "VIP protection of important persons", "behavior analysis", "security systems and devices", "risk analysis and security configuration", "advanced and safe driving techniques", "first aid, protocol and etiquette", "English", 49 different topics such as "pedestrian and vehicle protection applications", "fx pistol scenario training", "shooting simulation training and shooting training" are covered.

Exercises are not looking for the truth

In order to implement the scenarios in the trainings in the most realistic way, simulation rooms are used as well as special tracks. After the trainees succeed in shooting simulation, they go to the shooting range and start working with real ammunition.

In the course, evacuation from vehicle to vehicle, hijacking a VIP against attacks, an armed attack against an important person, escaping without brakes, bomb attacks and many other scenarios are shown to the trainees in the field and they are provided with the best training.

Those who qualify in the exam held after the course graduate from the academy with a branch.

“The Conservation Duty Is Very Sensitive and Important”

Fikret İşgören, Deputy Head of the Protection Department of the General Directorate of Security and Training Coordinator of the Protection Education Academy, said that the duty of protection is very sensitive and important.

Emphasizing that the training given at the academy is top-notch, İşgören said, “We provide a 10-week training above world standards. All trainees are trained very professionally, from A to Z, in every aspect, to be able to use all kinds of equipment. At the end of the 10-week training, we are branching out our friends who can pass the proficiency tests.” used the phrases.

The employee stated that the main purpose of the trainings is to ensure the security of the protected person against all kinds of attacks and to eliminate the attack.

Emphasizing that shooting is very important for the guards, İşgören said, “If we think about it especially in the context of an armed attack, we provide training through simulation in order to improve our friends' ability to use weapons first. After qualifying, we move on to real shooting at our ranges.” said.

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