ASPİLSAN Energy Works for the Future of Clean Energy

ASPILSAN Energy Works for the Future of Clean Energy
ASPİLSAN Energy Works for the Future of Clean Energy

Today, a large part of the world's energy needs are provided by fossil fuels, which have very negative effects on the environment. Harmful gases caused by the use of fossil fuels cause environmental problems such as global warming, climate change, air pollution and greenhouse effect. In addition, it is a limit of fossil fuel reserves, and these reserves are rapidly decreasing with the increasing energy demand. Therefore, the search for alternative energy sources is very important. kazanThere maker.

Ferhat Özsoy, General Manager of ASPİLSAN Energy, who made statements about energy solutions within the framework of technological developments and climate change on the occasion of June 5 World Environment Day, said: is located. Among the milestone targets of the EU are reducing carbon emissions to 2030 percent in 55 by including industry and energy companies, and transitioning to a zero-carbon economy by 2050. Accordingly, our country has signed the Paris Climate Agreement. As ASPİLSAN Energy, an organization of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, we have been carrying out our activities since our establishment to ensure that our country can achieve its technology and renewable energy targets. In this context, as ASPİLSAN Energy, we continue our activities as a member of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, which includes companies/universities/research institutes in Europe that are committed to carbon-free climate targets for 2050.

We Will Meet Our Electricity From Green Energy With Our GES Project

As ASPİLSAN Energy, our first cylindrical lithium-ion battery factory in Europe and Turkey in Mimarsinan Organized Industrial Zone, which will start mass production very soon, is a facility equipped with extremely advanced technology. One of our important differences in our facility is that a Solar Power Plant will be built on our roof.

The total capacity of our Solar Power Plant, which will be built on the roof, will be 1 MW. With our SPP project, which is planned to produce an annual average of 1712 MWh, 842 tons of carbon emissions will be prevented. Compared to our facility installed power, we will provide one-eighth of our electricity consumption from solar energy. Thus, in the near future, we will supply the remaining part of the electricity we need from the Green Energy Pool and become a facility that meets all of its consumption from green energy.

In addition, we will document that our electricity use is obtained from renewable energy sources by obtaining an internationally valid, transparent and traceable Green Energy Certificate. Thus, we will be among the facilities that will be a role model in terms of carbon emissions.

As a Solution to Global Warming, Turkey's Company in Battery Production and Energy Storage ASPİLSAN Energy

One of the important criteria that makes ASPİLSAN Energy different is that it designs and produces batteries with the features they want for platform manufacturers. In addition to the production of standard batteries, we have developed solution alternatives for many sectors, especially public institutions, with our specially designed products. We have started to position our Energy Storage System solutions for places where energy is critical, such as police stations, data centers, and UAV control centers. The features we focus on in these systems are to produce from renewable energy (Sun, Wind, etc.) sources and to establish a system that will continue its function without interrupting its duty, without any device such as UPS being damaged by power cuts.

In order to meet the rapid increase in energy demand, we continue to work with determination to develop domestic and national battery and energy storage systems (EDS) in our country in order to efficiently store the energy obtained from renewable energy sources and to develop the most appropriate transformations to meet the needs.

Two Important Products for the Future of Clean Energy

As ASPİLSAN Energy, we have created a hydrogen ecosystem demo in our Istanbul R&D Center, and we continue to work to offer solutions to the green hydrogen transformation in our country.

Today, hydrogen stands out among alternative fuels with its important advantages. Hydrogen; It is used extensively in industrial sectors such as ammonia/fertilizer, petrochemical/refinery, glass, and space and defense systems. In our Istanbul R&D Center, we aim to develop PEM type electrolyzers because it is possible to obtain high purity (99,999%) hydrogen and oxygen and it is an industrially proven system.

In the consumption part of the green hydrogen ecosystem, there are fuel cells. Conventional power generation systems require many intermediate processes to convert the chemical energy in the fuel into electrical energy, and their efficiency decreases as a result of each process. The most distinctive feature that distinguishes fuel cells from conventional batteries is that they can produce energy continuously as long as the fuel is fed, without the need for recharging. There are vehicles such as UAV, forklift, automobile, truck, bus, and built-in, portable, distributed and emergency power generation systems/prototypes. Our efforts to contribute to the future of clean energy with these two important products continue without slowing down.

We Signed a Cooperation Protocol for the First Green Hydrogen Plant of the Turkish Industry

For the “Green Hydrogen Plant” planned to be established in Bandırma, Balıkesir; As South Marmara Development Agency, Enerjisa Üretim Santralleri A.Ş., Eti Maden Operations General Directorate, TÜBİTAK MAM and ASPİLSAN Energy, we came together and signed a corporate cooperation protocol.

In this context, we are pleased to be involved in the studies to be carried out for the production and use of green hydrogen, an alternative energy source that has the greatest potential to replace fossil fuels in reducing carbon emissions with existing technologies on the way to 100% energy transformation, at the Bandırma Energy Base of Enerjisa Üretim. I would like to point out.

As ASPİLSAN Energy, we will continue to be a pioneer with value-added works to help our country achieve its renewable energy targets.”

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