Soil Asphalted at Mimar Sinan Overpass
41 Kocaeli

Soil Asphalt Has Been Made in Mimar Sinan Overpass

In the Mimar Sinan Pedestrian Overpass, which is located on the Izmit crossing of the D-100 Highway and has become one of the symbols of the city, sandblasting and stainless painting processes were carried out on the mechanical parts within the scope of maintenance and repair works. paving on the ground [more…]

Baskent Kultur Road Festival is Full for Children too
06 Ankara

Capital Culture Road Festival is also full for children

Bringing the people of Ankara together with hundreds of cultural and artistic activities since May 28, the Başkent Cultural Road Festival draws attention with its comprehensive program for children. Enjoying a wide selection from concerts to workshops, from theater performances to shadow plays. [more…]

Esports Industry Runs To Billion Dollars

Esports Industry Running to $1,6 Billion

Having achieved success stories ranging from simulation to real tracks with young pilots like Cem Bölükbaşı in the international arena in the past years, Turkey aims to add to these successes with its esports simulation center in Ankara. Video games, past [more…]

Narco Terror Operation Launched in Diyarbakir
21 Diyarbakir

Narco Terrorist Operation Launched in Diyarbakir

15 personnel are participating in the Eren Blockade-1.165 Gendarmerie Specialist Sergeant Mehmet Çelik narco-terrorism operation of the Ministry of Interior. Diyarbakir, with the aim of removing the PKK terrorist organization from the country's agenda and neutralizing the terrorists considered to be sheltering in the region. [more…]

The Happiest Employees of the Aegean at ESBAS
35 Izmir

The Happiest Employees of Aegean at ESBAŞ

In the research carried out by Great Place to Work to determine the companies that make their employees the happiest in the Aegean Region, ESBAŞ received the highest score in the 250-499 Number of Employees Category and is the best company in the Aegean. [more…]