Tangerine Export Runs To Half Billion Dollars
Mediterranean Region

Tangerine Exports Run to Half Billion Dollars

The increasing awareness about strengthening the immune system during the pandemic was also reflected in Turkey's citrus exports. According to the data of the Mediterranean Exporters' Association (AKIB), fruits such as citrus, orange, lemon and tangerine are [more…]

Known Mistakes in IVF Treatment

Common Mistakes in IVF Treatment

Gynecology, Obstetrics and In Vitro Fertilization Specialist Op.Dr.Numan Bayazıt gave important information on the subject. MYTH: In vitro fertilization treatment is only done as a last resort. CORRECT: In some cases [more…]

Step To Avoid Wood Dust

6 Steps to Avoid Wood Dust

Country Industrial Corporate Solutions Director Murat Şengül announced 6 measures to protect employees in the wood and forest products industry from health risks. Exposure to excessive amounts of wood dust [more…]

Key Female Theater Ensemble Accelerates Its Work
35 Izmir

Key Women's Theater Group Accelerated Its Work

Members of the ANAHTAR Women's Theater Group, which continues its activities at the ANAHTAR Women's Studies Integrated Service Center established within the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, were given certificates of appreciation for their work. President in the program [more…]