Aksaray Science Festival Opened Its Doors

Aksaray Science Festival Doors Acti
Aksaray Science Festival Opened Its Doors

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank stated that the Aksaray Science Festival, which he opened, awaits its visitors with scientific events, workshops and exhibitions, competitions and entertaining shows, and said, “This festival will help spread our vision of the National Technology Move, equipped with the skills of the age and the future, beneficial to humanity, ethical. It will contribute to the upbringing of Turkish youth.” said.

Minister Varank opened the Science Festival hosted by Aksaray Municipality. Stating that political and economic independence is possible by investing in science and technology, and providing suitable environments for young people who determine the fate of countries, he said:

Under the leadership of our President, we set out in the light of the vision of the National Technology Move. We are working day and night to make Turkey a country that develops and exports its own technology. Be sure on this road, you are our greatest strength, our most important companion, our precious young people.

We see the youth as the architects of a strong Turkey and we support them with all our means, and we will continue to support them. With the effect of the festivals and festivities we have organized throughout Turkey, we have now succeeded in igniting a spark in the hearts and minds of our youth and children.

With the support of our Ministry of Industry and Technology, this spark will turn into a big fire. As you know, we have many supports and programs for young people, especially through TUBITAK. We care about the excitement of our children to dream, research, develop and produce.

When we see the projects and efforts of our young people, we are proud again and again, and rest assured, we look to the future with greater hope. This year we will hold TEKNOFEST in Samsun. I invite all our young people and their families to participate in TEKNOFEST, which will start on 30 August.

Seeing such an environment today, I was happy to carry the science and technology torch we lit to Aksaray. Dozens of scientific events, workshops and exhibitions, competitions and entertaining shows will be waiting for you at this festival.

We want our young people to be inspired not by listening to the sad stories of our national projects that have been stopped in the past, but by seeing and touching the concrete achievements and products. On this occasion, I invite my young friends, not only in Aksaray, but also in the surrounding provinces, to the Science Festival with their families. I believe; The experience they will accumulate here will have a powerful effect on their lives.

This festival will contribute to the dissemination of our vision of the National Technology Move and to raise moral Turkish youth equipped with the skills of the age and the future, beneficial to humanity. Because you, the inventors of today, will be the architects of 2053 and 2071 Turkey.

I see young people who are curious about technology and science, have realistic dreams and are aware of their ideals in schools, universities, technoparks, factories in all the cities I visit. Of course, we must not forget that this is a team game. However, if we work together, we can take our country to the place it deserves, far beyond the level of contemporary civilizations. We all have certain responsibilities in this team game.

In this sense, we are your biggest supporter as the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Our duty; is to accompany you on this road to success by making use of all the opportunities, infrastructure and supports. We want Turkey with the National Technology Move that we started; Let it train the most successful scientists, develop its own technology in the most advanced fields, make the most original design, produce the best product, launch the biggest brands.

In this direction, we are mobilizing all our resources, starting from primary school, to warm up our children to science and technology. In fact, if we think that this is a journey, our science centers are our first stop.

So far, we have established science centers in 7 provinces, namely Antalya, Bursa, Elazig, Kayseri, Kocaeli, Konya and Istanbul. Studies on science centers in Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Düzce, Denizli, Trabzon and Yozgat continue.

Lastly, I would like to mention that we have sky observation activities where our children can participate with their families. We have now extended this event, which we had previously held only in Antalya Saklıkent, to other cities of Anatolia. We will hold the Observation Event, which will be held first in Diyarbakır Zerzevan on 9-12 June, and then in Erzurum, Van and Antalya, respectively.

00 I would like to make a call to our beloved families and teachers; We must instill science and technology awareness in our children. Instead of squeezing them into narrow molds, we should look for the ore in them. Our children, our students; not high offices, good salaries; We must prepare ourselves for useful works and successful initiatives that will serve the whole of humanity.

You should pursue science, research and entrepreneurship with self-confidence. Do not trust those who make you despair. We are always by our side, and we will continue to be, for all our science-loving young people who read, research, strive and produce. We will continue to carry out our national technology move together with many more projects.

Our Ahiler Development Agency, together with our Aksaray Governorship, organizes the "This is Aksaray National Photographers Marathon" competition. Our competition has started as of today. You can participate in the competition with your Aksaray themed photos.

Aksaray Governor Hamza Aydoğdu, AK Party Aksaray Deputies Cengiz Aydoğdu and İlknur İnceöz and Aksaray Mayor Dr. Evren Dinçer also gave speeches.

Minister Varank then visited the TÜBİTAK stand in the festival area and distributed Science Child Magazine to young people and children.

Within the scope of Aksaray Science Festival, Turkish Air Force aerobatic team SOLOTÜRK made a show. The performance of the experienced pilots of SOLOTÜRK, Major Emre Mert and Major Murat Bakıcı, excited the audience.

The show, which was watched with enthusiasm by many citizens participating in the festival, received great applause.

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