Host of IETT International Meeting
34 Istanbul

Host of IETT International Meeting

Founded in 1885, the International Union of Public Transport Union (UITP) Bus Committee meeting is hosted by IETT in Istanbul. The bus operators of many major cities of the world attend the meeting. 100 from over 1.800 countries [more…]

Village Schools Transform into Living Centers
55 Samsun

Village Schools Turning into Living Centers

The transformation of village schools into living centers and the promotion of village life centers within the scope of the mathematical mobilization project by the Ministry of National Education took place in Samsun with the participation of Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer. Alanlı Recep Asal Mathematics and [more…]

Export Champions Received Their Awards
34 Istanbul

Champions of Export Received Their Awards

The “Champions of Export” received their awards from the hands of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Stating that Turkey has become a country whose flag flies all over the world with its exports to 217 different countries and regions, President Erdoğan said: [more…]

Otokar Attended Eurosatory with its Vehicle
33 France

Otokar Attended Eurosatory 2022 with 6 Vehicles

Turkey's global land systems manufacturer Otokar continues to showcase its products and capabilities in the defense industry in the international arena. The company is one of the largest companies in Europe, which started today in Paris, the capital of France, and will last until 17 June. [more…]

Institutional Reforms Commission Report from Six Tables

'Corporate Reforms Commission' Report from the Six Tables

The Institutional Reforms Commission, which was formed at the six table, announced the report that foresees changes in the structure of institutions in the field of economy. The following statements were included in the announced report: “Democratic societies strengthen their power; from institutions with mature traditions and acquis, [more…]

New Address on the Glove

New Address in Glove

The use of gloves is common in many jobs in the industry. Gloves are the most preferred protective equipment to protect the hand health of employees. At the same time, the use of types such as latex gloves is hygienic and [more…]

International Local Media Summit Started in Izmir
35 Izmir

Europe's Largest Press Meeting Started in Izmir

The International Local Media Summit started with the General Assembly of the European Federation of Journalists. Organized at the Historical Gas Factory, hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the summit brought journalists from 45 countries of Europe and press from 50 cities of Turkey. [more…]