The New Armed Unmanned Marine Vehicle MIR Joins the Mission!

New Armed Unmanned Watercraft MIR Wall Joins Mission
The New Armed Unmanned Marine Vehicle MIR Joins the Mission!

The Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) has entered a new phase in the herd unmanned sea vehicles project that the country no. While the new member of the Sürü İDA family, MİR İDA made its debut, ALBATROS-S performed together with the İDAs.

SSB President Demir said, “Lastly, we have developed a herd architecture consisting of different IDAs in our project. We successfully carried out the field trial with IDA in two different sizes and abilities.”

Presidency of Defense Industry (SSB) continues its unmanned naval vehicle projects at full speed. Work continues on the Herd Unmanned Marine Vehicle (IDA) project, initiated by the SSB and carried out by Aselsan and its subcontractor SMEs. After the ALBATROS-S Herd IDA, which was previously developed within the scope of the project, the new and larger member of the family, the MIR Armed Humanoid Marine Vehicle (SIDA), was developed in cooperation with Aselsan-Sefine Shipyard. The two İDAs served together for the first time.

The latest developments about the project, President of the Presidency of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. Ismail Demir explained. Stating that they aim to use unmanned sea vehicles with different formations and missions with the project, Demir stated that they continue to provide new capabilities to the Swarm IDAs.

The statements of SSB President Demir are as follows:

“We continue to develop our unmanned sea vehicles from several branches. In addition, we continue at full speed with our project in which IDAs move in droves, just as we do with UAVs. As it is known, we previously conducted a 4-pack trial with ALBATROS-S IDAs in our Herd IDA project. We are working hard to further develop this herd and include more complex capabilities. We have added MIR İDA as a new and bigger power to our version.

MIR IDA is being developed within another project we are carrying out to carry a significant payload and to demonstrate an important capability for our country in the field. In our Herd Project, we added the ability of different IDAs to join the herd as a new capability to the herd architecture. We successfully carried out the field trial with IDA in two different sizes and abilities. We created our İDA version from ALBATROS-S and MİR İDAs. The developed infrastructure allows any IDA to be added as a herd element or to be separated from the herd. Within the scope of the studies, detailed activities are carried out on environmental awareness, navigation and sensing technologies. Automatic obstacle/object detection and dynamic maneuvering can be done with data from different sensors. Thanks to the technology implemented with improved algorithms, task sharing between IDAs is carried out.

Our swarm-capable IDAs have capabilities such as local and national original communication system, control system, multiple and redundant communication system architecture, and being able to continue their duty under GNSS interference. I congratulate everyone who contributed to such a project that only a few countries in the world are working on. I believe that IDAs will offer significant operational capabilities in the protection of the Blue Homeland in droves. We will continue the second phase activities in the project where different tasks and formations are being tested.”

Source: defenceturk

Günceleme: 19/06/2022 12:07

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