Marc Collin at the 2nd Izmir International Film and Music Festival

Marc Collin at Izmir International Film and Music Festival
Marc Collin at the 2nd Izmir International Film and Music Festival

French musician Marc Collin, founder of the Nouvelle Vague project, came to Izmir as the guest of the 2nd Izmir International Film and Music Festival. Collin's film "Why Versailles", which was included in the "In Search of Music" section of the festival. He met his audience at İzmir Sanat. The film deals with the conditions that put Versailles at the center of the French music scene.

A director who doesn't fit into the mold; Marc Collin

“Why Versailles?” written and directed by Marc Collin. It is a film that does not fit into the usual molds and hovers between documentary and fiction. In the interview moderated by Director Eylem Kaftan after the screening of the film, Marc Collin said:

“While Nouvelle Vague was on their world tour, people were asking about other bands wherever they went. Then, I suddenly realized that I spent my childhood with artists who are in very important places in the music and art industry in the world. I grew up in Versailles too. In the eighties I formed my first band in Versailles. From there I passed the Nouvelle Vague. The inspiration for the movie started with this discovery. Since my youth, I always wanted to be a director. I had a great passion for cinema. But writing a screenplay, applying for funding, financing a movie always made me very nervous and it was difficult. Making music in your own studio is much easier. But five years ago I felt ready and made my first movie. The main message of the movie is a journey where successful young people come together. But as they saw the success of their friends, other young people were encouraged that they could be more successful. They said we can do it too, they were heartened. Actually, I wanted to tell the story of this mutual influence of young people.”

“Music is the only common language the whole world can speak”

Within the scope of the festival, “What is Film Music and What Is Not?” A panel entitled The panel moderated by the film director Serdar Kökçeoğlu; musician Cumhur Bakkan, composer Turgay Erdener and Güldiyar Tanrıdağlı. At the panel, Turgay Erdener said, “I don't think there should be a discussion about moving the music beyond the film. Music is perhaps the only common language that the whole world created by mankind can speak. So this actually creates a somewhat superior situation. It can be on its own without the need for anything. But what I think is that music in both theater and cinema; It has to be at the service of theater and cinema,'' he said.

Güldiyar Tanrıdağlı said in her speech, “I am mostly busy with serial music. In TV series music, Turkey actually has a large share in the international arena as a sector. On the one hand, it's proud. But on the other hand, there is a tendency towards thorough fabrication. Unfortunately, music is also included in them. The series and the soundtrack run parallel to a certain extent for a while. It diverges very clearly after a point. At the beginning we get a script, we read it because there are actually two pens created from scratch. One is the script and one is the music. Therefore, we sit together and actually think with the director and screenwriter. I'm trying to understand the world the director creates in his head. Apart from that, the genre is important before moving on to the music writing part. The genre of the story, its location, where it takes place. Timely is very important. Is it a period movie or is it set in the present? If we go layer by layer, the main characters come to the fore,'' he said.

Cumhur Bakkan, on the other hand, used the following expressions: “We must show that in programmed music, creating a characteristic stance, not a personality discussion or a personality contest, is the priority and we are concerned about this. Considering where the design came from, it is necessary not to confuse that sound design with composition, or even to tamper with it. Sound design is not equal to composing. However, the movie is the movie. Music comes after and must be something that does not fight with its own personality and tries not to put a character on it,'' he said.

Movie feast in open-air cinemas

A Courageous Film by Derviş Zaim: Flash Memory

Directed and scripted by Derviş Zaim, “Flaşbellek” met with moviegoers aboard the Kadifekale ship. The film, starring Saleh Bakri and Sara El Debuch, is about the human tragedy in Syria, a man who risks his life to stop the ongoing war and bloodshed in the country, despite the death toll exceeding half a million.

In the interview before the screening, Derviş Zaim said, “Flash memory is a movie about Syria. The films made by Turkish cinema on this subject are mostly films that focus on the drama of immigrants. It emerges in the form of stories about how immigrants try to survive in big cities and how Syrian immigrants fled abroad. This movie has a different side than those movies. It's like filling a void. Because this movie is approaching from a different place. The question of what happened in Syria is moving. So it's not just the immigrant's story of surviving here in the big city, but what happened there? What happened is that all this happened. He asks himself a more primary question, like what has triggered all this. That's why I did it. I think it would be good for our cinema to say something about Syria. I wanted to make a movie like this for myself. The movie was inspired by the real event. The story of a person whose code name is Sezen, who fled there and announced the human rights violations there to the world. The film deals with the story of a journey, a story of growth and maturation. In this journey, people grow and develop. They find something that they don't have and bring themselves to another level with it,'' he said.

The Drama of a Family: The Door

Master director Nihat Durak's film “The Door”, who has produced many successful films and TV series, gave unforgettable moments to the audience at Kültürpark Open Air Cinema. Starring Kadir İnanır, Vahide Perçin, Timur Acar, Aybüke Pusat and Erdal Beşikcioğlu, the film tells the dramatic story of the Mardin family with its striking story and impressive acting.

When an Assyrian family who left the country and settled in Germany receives the news that the body of their son, who was killed years ago, has been found, they return to Midyat to identify the body. The house remains intact, but its wooden door with traditional motifs has been sold. The adventure of Yakup, who goes on a long journey after the door, is a call against discrimination.

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