It is Possible to Say 'Stop' to Occupational Diseases

It's Possible to Stop Occupational Diseases
It is Possible to Say 'Stop' to Occupational Diseases

Setting out with the slogan "Technology for Life" and producing new technologies and solutions to protect, support and save human life for 133 years, Dräger Turkey has brought the importance of occupational diseases and safety to the agenda again with the virtual reality game "The Right Mask Saves Life" at Meydan Istanbul AVM. carried it. According to the World Health Organization's Global Monitoring Report, 450 thousand people die every year due to exposure to air pollution, substances, gases and smoke at work.

Employees who work in industrial facilities, mines, environments where hazardous materials are present or where the oxygen level and the amount of toxic substances can change at any time are faced with a serious health threat. Toxic air can cause fatal diseases by affecting the lungs. At this point, personal protective equipment and the use of the right mask are of great importance. The figures revealed by the “Joint Estimates of the Burden of Work-Related Disease and Injury, 2000-2016: Global Monitoring Report” prepared in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Labor Organization (ILO) are quite striking. Most work-related deaths are due to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. According to the report, 2016 million people died in 1,9 due to work-related diseases and injuries. 81 percent of the deaths were due to non-communicable diseases. Exposure to air pollution (particulate matter, gas, smoke) in the workplace caused 450 thousand deaths.


Dräger Turkey's social awareness kazanThree different facilities, namely the carpentry shop, welding workshop and paint workshop, were revived. In each facility, gas and dust were discharged in accordance with the work done, and each player tried to protect their breathing by wearing a mask suitable for the environment as soon as possible. In the game, in which each participant's health bar is also present, each time the player spent without wearing the correct mask, the health bar decreased, and the use of the right mask allowed the health bar to be protected. In every environment where respiratory protection is required with a mask; The winner of the game, which aims to explain that being without a mask can cause serious harm to human health, was given an iPad Mini as a gift. In addition, a tree donation was made from Tema with the message “You Breathe into the World with Dräger” on behalf of all participants.


Dräger Turkey Marketing Director Beril Kaya stated that they aimed to underline the effects of using the right mask on human health with the event and added:

“As Dräger, our main aim for 133 years is; to produce technology for life and to protect, support and save human life in every area where life exists. We know that masks have somehow settled on the agenda of all of us due to the recent pandemic; but for over a hundred years, producing the most reliable mask to protect the health of employees in all kinds of harsh environments, from dust masks to gas masks, has always been one of our main focuses as Draeger. We are aware of the importance of choosing the right mask and filter according to the working environment used, both to ensure the comfort of the employees and to protect their health, and we want this awareness to occur in all of us, from the smallest to the largest. With this purpose, we aimed to raise awareness about the effects of choosing the right mask on human health, accompanied by a pleasant atmosphere, in the virtual reality game event we held with the focus of 'The Right Mask Saves Lives'.

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