Bursa High Speed ​​​​Train Station Construction Starts in Balat After the Holiday

Bursa High Speed ​​​​Train Station Construction Starts in Balat after the Holiday
Bursa High Speed ​​​​Train Station Construction Starts in Balat After the Holiday

It is aimed to transport 29.9 million passengers and 59.7 million tons of freight annually on the Bandırma-Bursa-Yenişehir-Osmaneli high-speed train line. Although the Karacabey-Bandırma stage was left after the election, the work was accelerated by Osmaneli. In this process, there was no news that raised hopes. The construction of Bursa Train Station, which will be built in the area where the foundation was laid 10 years ago in Balat, starts after the feast. This above-ground station will be integrated with the City Hospital Metro station to be built underground… Olay Newspaper Writer Ahmet Emin Yılmaz Wrote…

Bursa… With great patience over the years fast train waiting. on December 23, 2012 Start 'We were hopeful and excited when the groundbreaking ceremony was held.

So what…

10 last year our excitement also extinguished our hope broke it too.


in the middle, Gate-Balat'so Golbasi 'opened for laying rails in the land up to road in several places viaduct and there are tunnels that have not been completed for 10 years.


By high-speed train that can reach 200 kilometers 29.9 million passengers per year and again 59.7 million tons of cargo per year intended to be transported.


201 kilometers of the total 95 kilometers project Bursa-Karacabey for the line General Director of Infrastructure of the Ministry of Transport, Dr. Yalcin Eyigun'in the notice sent by “Work will start soon” though dense, after the election I stayed.


We announced on November 20, 2021 foreign loan approval Afterwards, the contractor accelerated the construction. Especially Osmaneli The studies carried out at 6-7 points in the tunnels in the study started by hope it increases.


Yenisehir-Bursa-Osmaneli Another step is taken to increase hope in the line:

High speed train Bursa Train Station construction, Start 'in the field where the foundation was laid 10 years ago bayram will start later.

Since station constructions did not start before the rail laying stage was reached, Ankara'news from construction sites are accelerating. confirmed, it raised hopes.


In the incoming information just passenger station It has a construction history. However, on this line load will also be moved. Besides industrial products it will create the load.

The uncertainty is:

At the beginning of the project; Bursa OIZ with rails to be laid between factories extension lines would be created. Also in connection with those extension lines Freight station near Doğanköy was foreseen.

3 years ago…

Bursa OSB-Gemlik Along with the extension line project, the project was shelved. Then again freight train station We couldn't find any information about it.

That information is still missing. I wonder postponed you?

A special project combining train and metro

We opened our archive and looked… On October 20, 2016 “Will Bursa Station be built on the bridge in Balat or on the land in Geçit” we've had the discussion. Sometime köprü came forward and station in the air Although the excitement spreads, the area where the high-speed train foundation was laid finalized.

The difference is this:

underground Metro station with above ground where the high-speed train station is integrated A very special project will emerge.

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