WorqCompany Started Its Activities in England

WorqCompany Started Its Activities in England
WorqCompany Started Its Activities in England

WorqCompany, which provides the growth of e-commerce vendors with financing and backoffice services, also started its activities in the UK.

E-commerce entrepreneurs who want to sell in foreign markets will be able to sell in different countries without any problem, with the e-commerce private company establishment and accounting services provided by WorqCompany in the UK. WorqCompany provides company formation and accounting services through its offices in London.

WorqCompany Co-Founder Cem Baytok stated that they offer end-to-end solutions for almost every need of e-commerce entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the UK. While establishing the company with WorqCompany's CPA (authorized public accountant) licensed professional team in the UK, Xero's Silver partnership, which was chosen as the best user-friendly accounting and backoffice application for small businesses, such as accounting management, invoicing, financial analysis and marketplace opening. Full support is provided in all areas.

Gathering important support services such as bank account opening, payment infrastructure and account opening in marketplaces under the title of e-commerce services, which it offers for those who will do e-commerce for the first time in the UK, WorqCompany provides a significant time and cost advantage to entrepreneurs who want to sell in marketplaces.

WorqCompany's UK operation will be managed by Cem Danyal Arslan, who, with his more than thirty years of experience in the banking industry, has guided technology teams in areas such as software development, process, strategy, governance and project management, and has supported hundreds of entrepreneurs who founded e-commerce companies in the UK.

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