'Ancient Cities of Turkish History International Symposium' Held in Ümraniye

The International Symposium on Ancient Cities of Turkish History was held in Umraniye
'Ancient Cities of Turkish History International Symposium' Held in Ümraniye

The Ancient Cities of Turkish History International Symposium was held in Ümraniye. In the symposium, the cultural and historical features of the few ancient cities that left their mark on world history were discussed.

The opening program of the “Ancient Cities of Turkish History International Symposium” organized in cooperation with Ümraniye Municipality, International Development and Cooperation Association (UKID) and Marmara University Turkic Studies Institute took place at Ümraniye Culture and Art Center. Ümraniye Mayor İsmet Yıldırım also attended the symposium. In the first session of the two-day symposium, the three holy cities of Turkish culture, Mecca, Jerusalem and Medina, where is the place of Ötüken, In the footsteps of the disappeared, Kaşgar, the science and culture center of the Turkish world. KazanThe titles of Bukhara, the symbol city of Turkish-Islamic civilization, were discussed.

Ümraniye Mayor İsmet Yıldırım said, “We are doing such symposiums within the services we provide under the name of culture and education. One of them was talking about our ancient cities in Turkish history. The symposium will continue for 2 days. The first day takes place in the hall of our municipality. The second day will continue at Marmara University. The benefit of such symposiums is that people tend to forget, but with symposiums, information is refreshed and unknowns are learned. Hopefully, it will shed a new light on our cities with the communiqués to be given at the end. With these symposiums, Allah Almighty grants everyone the opportunity to travel. ”he spoke.

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