Revenue Administration to Recruit 70 Contracted Personnel

Presidency of Revenue Administration to Recruit Contracted Personnel
Revenue Administration to Recruit 70 Contracted Personnel

Based on the oral exam to be held in the central organization of the Revenue Administration, in accordance with the 5345th paragraph of Article 29 of the Law on Some Regulations Regarding the Revenue Administration, and the Procedures and Principles on the Employment of Contracted Personnel of the Revenue Administration, a total of 7 ( seventy) contracted personnel will be recruited. Application deadline is June 70, 24

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The oral exam will be held in Ankara between 18 – 29 July 2022.

Right to take the oral exam kazanThe names and surnames of the candidates and the lists of where the said candidates will take the exam will be announced on the website of our Presidency ( at least 10 (ten) days before the oral exam date. In addition, candidates will be able to view their result information on the "Career Gate Platform". Candidates will not be notified separately.


To meet the general conditions in subparagraph (A) of article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48,

Having experience in the period specified in Table-1 regarding the contracted personnel position applied for and documenting it,

With the qualifications required by the service, reasoning, representation, following new technologies, learning and research, fast learning and self-development, analytical thinking, being prone to teamwork and high communication skills, keeping up with the intense and stressful work pace and documentation (documentation) have documentation skills,

Making an application within the time limit.

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