Students Designed Prosthetic Leg

Students Designed Prosthetic Leg
Students Designed Prosthetic Leg

At the Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Science Experiment Center, workshop applications developed for gifted students continue at full speed.

Working as a science communicator at the Science Experiment Center in Sazova Science Culture and Art Park, Vildan Bayar's "I don't want a disability" workshop developed for gifted students within the scope of his doctoral thesis was completed with 14 volunteer students.

In the workshop, gifted students, in the role of mechanical engineer, printed the prosthetic leg they designed in the coding program to facilitate the daily life of a toy three-legged dog with a 3D printer and attached it to the dog.

Vildan Bayar stated that he developed the workshop with the aim of teaching the technological developments used in support and movement system treatment, and also taught the students values ​​such as benevolence and love of animals. kazanHe stated that he intends to climb.

Lokman Can, a prosthesis and orthosis specialist, also attended the workshop via an online link and informed the students. In addition, Murathan Güney, 21 years old patient of Lokman Can, who lives with the bionic hand, met with the students in the workshop and had a conversation about daily life with the bionic hand.

Students stated that this is the first time they have experienced the use of 3D printers in solving a health problem, and they are happy to be able to help a disabled animal. At the end of the workshop, the students brought the Science Experiment Center, which serves with the slogan "The Future Will Pass Through Eskişehir", to Eskişehir. kazanMetropolitan Mayor Prof. Dr. They thanked Yılmaz Büyükersen.

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