Aydem and Gediz Retail Achieved a Great Success

Aydem and Gediz Retail Achieved Great Success
Aydem and Gediz Retail Achieved a Great Success

Aydem Retail and Gediz Retail won the third prize in the Customer Experience Category at the 13 IDC CIO Awards held at the 2022th International Data Corporation (IDC) Turkey CIO Summit, in which it participated for the first time, with its “Digitalization Project in Electricity Subscription Agreements”. threw.

Aydem Retail and Gediz Retail won the third prize in the "Customer Experience Category", in which Turkey's leading companies compete, at the 13th IDC Turkey CIO Summit organized by IDC. At the summit, which was held with the participation of nearly 500 senior information technology managers from Turkey and abroad; best practice strategies to help organizations transform into the digital resilient organizations of the future were discussed.

Making a statement about the 2022 IDC CIO customer experience award after the summit where the project awards were announced, Aydem Retail and Gediz Retail Information Technologies Director Gülsün Akhisaroğlu said, “In our digitalization process, improving and improving the experience we offer to our customers has always been our priority and focus. With the "Digitization Project in Electricity Subscription Contracts", this success; We have achieved this with our innovative policies that we have developed by taking the customer experience at our center, which are also adopted by our employees and embraced by faith. This award; In our digitalization journey, I present it to our colleagues who embrace innovations and strengthen our customer experience and work devotedly. With this important project, we have completely transferred the physical contract and document confirmation processes to the digital environment. By reducing the paperwork and increasing the efficiency in business processes, we can now easily conclude the contracts we made with our customers in a digital environment with just a few minutes of transactions and safely.

In return for all these innovative efforts; now we receive awards where our achievements are crowned. As a company that follows innovations and focuses on its customers and employees, we will continue to work with all our energy to make our successes sustainable.'' He said.

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