When Will 2022 Green Card Results Be Announced?


When will the 2022 Green Card results be announced? Green Card application results are followed with enthusiasm. Applications started in October and ended in November. The Green Card provides the right to reside and work in the USA. When will the 2022 Green Card results be announced? Have the Green Card application results been announced? When will the Green Card results be announced in 2022? Our answers to your questions are in this news!

How is the Green Card Lottery Made?

All applications are collected at the Kentucky Consular Center and numbered by district.
The draw is made automatically by the computer at the end of the application process. As a result of random selection from each region kazanmoments are determined.

The results are learned with the confirmation number given when applying on the official website. The results must be followed by the applicant, because kazanNo special notifications are made.

KazanIf you do, you will be interviewed at the consulate with the documents specified in the application file and if you meet the expectations, you are entitled to receive a Green Card. kazanyou are tired.

Green Card application results May 7 2022  19:00will be announced in .

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