Railway Connection Available in 12 OIZs in Turkey

There Are Number of Railway Connections in OIZ in Turkey
Railway Connection Available in 12 OIZs in Turkey

With the participation of TCDD Transportation General Manager Hasan Pezük, Deputy General Managers Erol Arıkan and Çetin Altun, TCDD Transportation İzmir Regional Manager Bayram Şahin, TCDD 3rd Regional Manager Cemal Yaşar Tangül and Manisa Organized Industry Board Chairman Sait Türek and members of the board of directors of Manisa Organized Industry The 27st freight train was sent off in the region on May 11.

“In international trade where intense competition is experienced, one of the critical factors affecting the competitiveness of enterprises is an effective transportation and logistics systems”

TCDD Transportation General Manager Hasan Pezük made a speech at the ceremony: “Today, we came together to bid farewell to our 11st train, which provides economical and fast transportation of Manisa Organized Industrial Zone products. As TCDD Transportation family, we are proud and proud to deliver the hard work and labor of our Manisa Organized Industrial Zone in the healthiest and most economical way.” said.

Emphasizing that the increasing demand for trade and transportation causes the manufacturers to shift their factories to Eastern Europe, North Africa or Asia by considering the cost and accessibility factors, the logistics and transportation chain is spread over a wider geography and new transportation routes are sought alternative to the maritime route. While trade is being reshaped, the concepts of speed, cost, reliability, quality and flexibility come to the fore throughout all supply and distribution processes. In international trade, where intense competition is experienced, one of the critical factors affecting the competitiveness of enterprises is an effective transportation and logistics system, while as trade becomes global, logistics chains become more complex, global management is needed and smart supply chain solutions become important. kazanis going on.” he said.

Stating that they are working with all personnel to make our railway infrastructure compatible with the objectives of the "Logistics Master Plan", including logistics centers and junction lines, Pezük said: "There are railway connections in 21 of the ports and piers in our country. "said.

“There are railway connections in 12 of the OIZs in Turkey”

Emphasizing that 19,4 percent of our shipments are carried out via rail-connected ports and 2021 million tons of cargo was transported in 6,4, Pezük pointed out that 12 of the OIZs in Turkey have rail connections.

In addition, Pezük: “Another important facility for rail freight transportation in our country is logistics centers. The number of 12 logistics centers will reach 25 with the ongoing ones. 13,3 percent of our total shipments are carried out from logistics centers, and 2021 million tons of cargo was transported in 4,4. We continue to work on connecting ports, OIZs and logistics centers with junction lines, so we aim to increase block train operations. There are a total of 13 junction lines with a length of 22 kilometers in the 372,4 thousand 239 kilometers railway network. 2021 million tons, which is 43,5 percent of our 14,4 transports, were carried through junction lines.” said.

“Competitiveness increases as our industrialists deliver their products to the markets economically and quickly”

Pointing out that as the General Directorate of Transport of TCDD, approximately 200 thousand tons of cargo is transported domestically and abroad with 91 freight trains per day, Pezük said: “As I have just mentioned, the work of connecting our Organized Industrial Zones, which are production centers, to the main railway network with junction lines is of great importance in terms of freight transportation. . Under the leadership of our Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, junction line connections are made to the OIZ and large industrial establishments in order to increase door-to-door transportation on railways. Thus, a significant reduction in transportation costs, which have a significant share in costs, and the fact that our industrialists deliver their products to the markets economically and quickly, increases the competitiveness and makes a significant contribution to the development of the country. One of the best examples of this is the transportation activities carried out by Manisa OSB Logistics Center and Manisa OSB initiative MOS Logistics and TCDD Transportation as two partners.” said.

“With 11 freight train services operated until today, 500 million 4 thousand tons of freight has been transported"

Pezük: “Our Logistics Center, which was opened with the participation of our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and our ministers, and which is the first Private Logistics Center in Turkey, has been serving our industrialists since 2010. Manisa Organized Industrial Zone is shown as a role model in the railway network with its pioneering logistics success. The most concrete example of this successful organization is the transportation of 11 million 500 thousand tons of freight with 4 freight train services operated to date. The transportation, which started between Manisa OIZ and Alsancak in the first stage, has now increased even more with the establishment of connection to Aliağa and Nemprot ports. As of today, 600 freight trains are operated regularly and an annual load carrying capacity of 4 thousand containers and 53 thousand tons is provided, contributing to the development of our country, our Aegean region and our industrialists.” he finished his speech.

“TCDD Transportation Inc. We continue our efforts to increase the capacity in our railway use”

Speaking at the ceremony, MOS Chairman of the Board Sait Türek said: “80% of the production, which continues to increase every year in our Manisa Organized Industrial Zone, is sent as export goods to 155 different countries of the world. Our aim is to transport all shipments to ports via railroad. Because the railway has the advantage of being able to carry tonnage goods over road transport. Being an environmentally friendly and safe mode of transportation without being affected by weather conditions is also its social superiority. Therefore, we, together with our Logistics Center, TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. We continue our efforts to increase the capacity in our railway use.” said.

Continuing its cooperation with MOS in 11 trips we have carried out so far, TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. Türek stated that they share the happiness of being together with his family for the farewell of our 500st train today: “We hope this strong cooperation will set an example for our entire country. May other good cooperations be established like us. Let's contribute to the industry of our country." used the phrases.

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