What is SME Portfolio Manager, What Does It Do, How To Become? SME Portfolio Manager Salaries 2022

SME Portfolio Manager Salaries
What is SME Portfolio Manager, What Does He Do, How to Become SME Portfolio Manager Salaries 2022

SME portfolio manager; advises small business owner clients on the best strategies for maintaining or improving investments and assets. It determines customer needs and provides consultancy services.

What Does a SME Portfolio Manager Do, What Are Their Duties?

  • Supporting the SME loan portfolio through behavioral analysis,
  • Assisting clients in developing a customized portfolio,
  • Examining customers' financial assets, incomes and financial backgrounds,
  • Preparing written financial analysis and loan approval packages for loan requests, renewals and annual reviews,
  • To monitor and analyze the existing portfolio,
  • Perform portfolio management to analyze interim financial reports provided by borrowers,
  • Restructuring existing loans to minimize potential risk based on the borrower's financial condition and performance,
  • Managing the repayment performance and default accounts within the allocated portfolio,
  • Examining stock market trends on a daily basis,
  • Consulting clients before making significant changes or decisions regarding the portfolio.
  • Generating periodic reports for Senior Management,
  • Preparing presentations about client portfolios and latest market trends,
  • Developing new and effective ways to successfully manage client portfolios

How to Become a SME Portfolio Manager?

To be a SME portfolio manager, it is necessary to have completed university education with a bachelor's degree.

Persons who want to be a SME Portfolio Manager must have certain qualifications;

  • To be able to use verbal and written communication channels effectively,
  • To have managerial and leadership qualities,
  • Demonstrate the ability to produce solutions in the face of problems,
  • No military obligation for male candidates,
  • Demonstrate planning and organizational skills
  • have a sense of responsibility

SME Portfolio Manager Salaries 2022

The lowest SME Portfolio Manager salary in 2022 is 8.000 TL, the average SME Portfolio Manager salary is 11.000 TL, and the highest SME Portfolio Manager salary is 15.800 TL.

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