Domestic Hybrid Automobile Factory in Kocaeli

Kocaeliye Domestic Hybrid Automobile Factory
Domestic Hybrid Automobile Factory in Kocaeli

HABAŞ bought the factory of Honda in Gebze, which stopped production in Turkey last year and closed it. HABAŞ has long completed its preparations to produce domestic hybrid vehicles in this factory. It also bought the equipment of the closed Honda UK factory and brought it to the factory in Gebze. HABAŞ will start mass production with the domestic hybrid automobile brand.

HABAŞ received a huge incentive from the Ministry of Industry and Technology for this project. 9 billion 500 million 3 thousand 788 liras received incentives for the factory, which will produce 131 cars per year. 466 people will be employed in the factory. With this incentive, domestic hybrid vehicle production is expected to start soon.

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