Çorlu Train Accident Case Postponed to 5 October

Corlu Train Accident Case Postponed to October
Çorlu Train Accident Case Postponed to 5 October

The complainants and lawyers of the trial regarding the train disaster, which took place near the Sarılar village of Çorlu district of Tekirdağ on July 8, 2018, in which 7 people, including 25 children, lost their lives and injured more than 300, stated that "the indictment regarding the main responsible has not been prepared", left the courtroom. The case was adjourned to October 5, 2022.

In the 8th hearing held at the Çorlu 2018st High Criminal Court, a decision was made to adjourn the lawsuit filed regarding the train massacre in Çorlu, Tekirdağ, in which 25 people lost their lives on July 1, 10. The hearing was adjourned to October 5, 2022.

Families gathered in Santral Park before the 4th hearing of the case, which continued for 4 years without any progress and in which 10 people were tried without arrest, marched to demand justice. The march of those who lost their relatives in the massacre from Çorlu Santral to Çorlu Public Education Center where the hearing will be held; CHP Deputy Chairman Muharrem Erkek, CHP Tekirdağ Deputy İlhami Özcan Aygun, CHP İzmir Deputy Murat Minister and CHP Istanbul Provincial Chairman Canan Kaftancıoğlu and Turkey Workers Party Istanbul Deputy Ahmet Şık gave their support.

Families, politicians and citizens who supported them marched in front of the Çorlu Public Education Center, where the trial will take place, with a banner reading "We want justice" and pictures of those who lost their lives in the massacre.

During the march, “Right, law, justice; It's not an accident, it's murder”, “Çorlu will be held accountable” and “The day will come. Slogans were chanted that the murderers will be held accountable to the public. The names of those who lost their lives were also read and said "here".

Lawyer Evren İşler said in a statement after the march; “We will now enter the courtroom with the families who have been waiting for justice for 1400 days and have been waiting for an indictment for 14 months. Unfortunately, the struggle for rights in this country has its costs. These costs; families, lawyers, we all pay together. But we know that one day the murderers will also pay the price for their actions," he said.

After the announcement, it was passed to the Çorlu Public Education Center conference hall, where the hearing would take place.

Relatives of those who lost their lives in Çorlu Train Massacre took the floor

Also at the hearing, the relatives of those who lost their lives in the Çorlu Train Massacre emphasized that "it is not an accident but a massacre". The families who took the floor reacted to the hearing decisions.

Serhat Şahin's father, Hüseyin Şahin, said, “4 years have passed, but the defendant's seats are still empty. When you give punishment to the non-criminal, you give it easy, what do you expect to punish the real criminals”.

Mısra Öz said, “We are waiting for justice. You refuse the requests. The reason why the prosecution delayed the indictment is your attitude towards us. We are waiting for justice for Çorlu,” he said.

Zeliha Bilgin said, "I have no more strength for this injustice."

Mehmet Öz said, “I cannot understand the prolongation of this case. Desired persons are brought before the court in 2 hours. Whatever needs to be done to speed up the process, we will raise our voice. The AK Party is responsible for this disaster. The reason for the prolongation of this trial is the AK Party," he said.

'My son's blood is here'

Families who lost their relatives in the massacre protested that those responsible were not punished. Families who followed the trial left the hall, saying, "Our interlocutor is the prosecutor's office."

Zeliha Bilgin, who lost her 14-year-old daughter Bihter Bilgin, her sisters and her 5-month-old niece in the massacre, said, “My son has blood here. I've been living with these pants for four years. What are you going through? May your justice fail. They dehumanized us” reacted to the court decisions.

The case was adjourned until October 5th.

It was decided to ask the Çorlu Chief Public Prosecutor's Office about the outcome of the case and what the last action was, to reject their request for the stay of the trial, and to write to the necessary institutions for the trial to be held in Çorlu Public Education Center due to the large number of parties. The hearing was adjourned to October 5, 2022.

What Happened?

Uzunköprü-Halkalı The train that made the expedition overturned in Sarılar Mahallesi of Tekirdağ's Çorlu district on 8 July 2018, 25 people lost their lives and 340 people were injured as a result of negligence.

Çorlu Chief Public Prosecutor's Office kazan1st Regional Directorate of TCDD, which was found to be defective in the Halkalı Turgut Kurt served as Railway Maintenance Manager at 14's Railway Maintenance Directorate. Çerkezköy Özkan Polat, the Road Maintenance and Repair Supervisor at the Road Maintenance Department, Celaleddin Çabuk, the Line Maintenance and Repair Officer at the Road Maintenance Department, and Çetin Yıldırım, the Bridges Supervisor, who works at TCDD and signed the annual general inspection report in May, said 'caused death and injury by negligence'. A lawsuit was filed at the Çorlu 2st High Criminal Court, demanding a prison sentence of 15 years to 1 years for the crime of being

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