TCDD Attended Labor Law and Collective Agreement Seminar Held in Afyon

Attended TCDD Labor Law and Collective Bargaining Seminar
TCDD Attended Labor Law and Collective Bargaining Seminar

Metin Akbaş, General Manager of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), attended the Labor Law and Collective Bargaining Training Program and met with lawyers. Metin Akbaş, who gave information about the developments in the railways, emphasized the rule of law at the event attended by the members of the high judiciary.

The Labor Law and Collective Bargaining Seminar, organized by the Education Department, started in Afyonkarahisar with the participation of members of the high judiciary. TCDD General Manager Metin Akbaş, Ankara Regional Court of Justice members as well as Legal Counsel staff attended the program. Providing information to the participants about the projects implemented by TCDD, Metin Akbaş pointed out that the railway network has become widespread, the lines have become electrified and signaled, logistics infrastructures have been developed and new technologies have been introduced to the railways.

“As our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has expressed, we aim to bring railways together with our citizens in every corner of our country in a safe and comfortable way, within the framework of the ideal of 'The Road is Civilization'. Akbaş reminded that they serve the citizens on a 213 thousand 219 kilometer railway line, 11 kilometers of which is High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT) line, 590 kilometers of high-speed train and 13 thousand 22 kilometers of conventional.

Stating that the opinions of the Legal Counsel are important in the efforts of the railways to reach their goals, Akbaş said, “I would like to thank all our lawyers for their devoted work, who believe in the rule of law and share the same principle and vision with us, while bringing the railways closer to their goal with a fair understanding. Within the framework of international legal norms, we will continue our seminars and workshops organized with the aim of increasing the knowledge and sharing of experiences of our lawyers and auxiliary personnel who contribute to the enjoyment of the rights existing in our constitution and laws to the citizens. I would like to thank all the presidents and members of the high judiciary who participated in these seminars and workshops and shared their knowledge and experience.” said.

Metin Akbaş, General Manager of TCDD, stated that they wholeheartedly support all the works that will enable them to look at Turkey's bright future with greater enthusiasm and self-confidence, and thanked everyone who organized the seminar and contributed to it.

Günceleme: 09/05/2022 17:11

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