Lots of Ammunition Seized in PKK Shelter in Van

Large Numbers of Munitions Seized in Vanda PKK Refuge
Lots of Ammunition Seized in PKK Shelter in Van
As a result of the intelligence studies carried out by the Van Provincial Gendarmerie Command, in the internal security operation carried out on May 15, 2022 in the rural area of ​​Çatak district Övecek; In the identified cave,
  • 1 mortar ammunition,
  • 150 kg of ammonium nitrate,
  • 1 units AK-47 Kalashnikov P.Tf. clip,
  • 90 kitchen tube,
  • 1 handheld radio,
  • 180 meters of cable,
  • battery,
  • pcs generator,
  • 22 battery,
  • 150 liter gasoline,
  • 60 lt diesel fuel, many organizational documents and various food and living materials were seized and safely destroyed.
Anti-Terrorist Operations are carried on faithfully and decisively with the support of our people in the region.

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