Turkish Cargo Carried 2021 Million Doses of Kovid-61 Vaccine to 335 Countries in 19

Turkish Cargo Transports Million Doses of Kovid Vaccine to the Country in the Year
Turkish Cargo Carried 2021 Million Doses of Kovid-61 Vaccine to 335 Countries in 19

Maintaining the continuity of the international medical product chain during the pandemic, when countries closed their doors to the outside world, Turkish Cargo achieved a significant success with its vaccine shipments. Being the fastest growing air cargo carrier in the world in 2021, when the negative effects of the pandemic continued, the brand contributed to the good old days of the world with 61 million doses of Kovid-335 vaccine, which it carried to 19 countries.

Turkish Cargo, which can transport vaccines, drugs and medical products by keeping them in all the required temperature ranges, has become one of the most preferred air cargo brands for the transportation of healthcare products with its fast and reliable service. It reached a global market share of 132 percent in 2021 in the carrier health products category, which delivers health products, including vaccines, to 8 countries of the world with its service called TK Pharma.

prof. Dr. Ahmet Bolat; “We Played an Important Role in Africa's Access to Vaccine”

Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bolat said, “If we are flying freely again today and we hug our loved ones with confidence, the vaccines produced by heroic scientists and the carriers who deliver those vaccines all over the world have a big share in this. Our Turkish Cargo brand has made the vaccine accessible by establishing corridors between more than 400 international destinations. Turkish Cargo has undertaken a very valuable mission in terms of accessing vaccines for people in this continent, especially due to the low number of airlines flying to the African continent. We have recently transferred our experience of more than 30 years in the transportation of health products to our SMARTIST center, which is one of the most modern facilities in the world. With our new center, we are ready to take on greater responsibilities for both our country and the world in the air cargo sector.” said.

Most Vaccines Moved to Brazil After Turkey

Delivering the Kovid_19 vaccines from the producer country to Turkey and from Turkey to all over the world, Turkish Cargo carried the highest number of vaccines to Turkey in 2021, followed by Brazil with 100 million doses. African countries such as Mauritania, Madagascar, Rwanda and Congo are among the countries that carry more than 1 million doses of the vaccine.

When the manufacturers of the transported vaccines are examined, Coronavac with 200 million doses, Biontech with 120 million doses, Astra Zeneca with 12 million doses and Moderna with 4 million doses are in the first places.

Global air cargo brand; heat and time accuracy is of high importance; It carries out the transportation of shipments that are extremely important for health, such as medicines, vaccines, biotechnology products, diagnostic samples, sensitive medical devices, organs, tissues, with the quality standards of the IATA-CEIV Pharma Certificate.

With SMARTIST Facility, Turkey Can Become a Pharmaceutical and Medical Product Base

With SMARTIST, Turkish Cargo's new air cargo facility at Istanbul Airport, Turkey is on its way to becoming a global hub for healthcare product shipments. The campus, which is one of the few air cargo facilities in the world with an area of ​​340 thousand square meters, provides important advantages in terms of fast and reliable shipment of pharmaceuticals and health products with its 9 thousand square meters of heat and temperature controlled area.

Globalization and the increase in the demand for the pharmaceutical industry with the covid_19 epidemic also positively affects the demand for air cargo logistics. Turkish Cargo aims to make Turkey the health center of the world with its new investments and expert teams. The successful carrier's service quality and market share are expected to increase with the SMARTIST facility, which also has parking spaces reserved for cargo planes around it.

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