Address of Adrenaline Enthusiasts: Boztepe

The Address of Adrenaline Enthusiasts Boztepe
The Address of Adrenaline Enthusiasts Boztepe

Paragliding, which is the favorite of adrenaline enthusiasts, is getting ready for the summer season in Boztepe, at an altitude of 530, one of Ordu's most important tourism attractions.

Boztepe, which is located on the viewing terrace of Altınordu district, which stands out among many tracks in Turkey in terms of ease of transportation, has become a center of attraction with the work of the Metropolitan Municipality. Boztepe, where many works are carried out from infrastructure to superstructure, welcomes hundreds of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year, especially paragliding enthusiasts.


Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Tourism activities, initiated by Mehmet Hilmi Güler with the slogan "Not 3 Months, 12 Months in the Army", continue in Ordu in summer and winter. In this context, Ordu, which has made a name for itself with snow festivals in the winter months, aims to raise the bar even higher with the tourism moves it will make in the summer months. Paragliding is one of the activities that attract the most attention of domestic and foreign tourists coming to Ordu. Boztepe, located in the city center of Ordu and at an altitude of 7, with a cable car that takes an average of 530 minutes to ascend, offers an insatiable pleasure to those who want to paraglide. Among the paragliding areas in various regions of Turkey, Boztepe, which has a great advantage like the cable car in terms of ease of transportation, continues to attract the attention of paragliding enthusiasts.


Boztepe is among the important tourism spots of Ordu after the infrastructure and superstructure works carried out by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. In this context, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which has been working on paragliding, which is identified with Ordu, has made important arrangements on the Boztepe runway, where the parachutes take off. After enlarging the area and covering the ground with rubber material, the runway, which became a useful and convenient area, won the appreciation of parachute pilots. While the convenience provided by the arrangements made in flights increases the number of flights, it allows much more people to enjoy paragliding.


President Advisor Asım Suyabatmaz, who stated that the new season was ready after the renovation works carried out by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, said that Ordu is breaking its shell day by day with the tourism projects of President Hilmi Güler.

Stating that the paragliding runway area created by the Metropolitan Municipality in Ordu in the past years will be one of the indispensable points of flight enthusiasts this summer, Asım Suyabatmaz said, “As Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, we continue to reveal the strong tourism potentials of Ordu. With the work we did on the paragliding track in Boztepe, we made this track one of the best in Turkey. It will now be much more enjoyable to glide in the skies of Ordu with the convenient runway, where access to Boztepe is provided with an easy and reliable transportation with the cable car. Ordu is waiting for its visitors with its plateau, sea, paragliding and all other activities not only in summer but also for 12 months.

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