Intercity Bus Tickets Increased 38,8 Percent in One Month

Intercity Bus Tickets Increased Percent in One Month
Intercity Bus Tickets Increased 38,8 Percent in One Month

The successive hikes in fuel put intercity bus tickets among the champions of the hike. According to ITO data, ticket prices increased by 36 percent in March compared to the previous month. In addition, TCDD has recently increased the prices of YHT tickets.

The road travel sector is one of the sectors most affected by inflation in Turkey. Due to increasing fuel prices and other expenses, intercity bus companies frequently increase ticket prices.

According to the data of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Istanbul Wage Livelihood Index; While the highest increase was realized in the transportation and communication expenditures group with 17,5 percent among the sub-product groups, intercity bus ticket prices became one of the champions of hike with a monthly increase of 38,83 percent. According to TUIK data, the increase in intercity bus ticket prices in February was 156,87 percent.


The main reason for the hike in bus tickets is the huge increase in fuel costs. In addition, price hikes on bridges and highways also affect prices. Diesel, which was sold for 7 TL per liter last year, is over 21 TL this year. This affects bus ticket prices.

According to the data of a website that lists ticket prices according to prices, ticket prices between Istanbul European Side - Ankara vary between 180 TL and 300 TL, while Istanbul - Van tickets, known as the most expensive route, are sold for 550 TL.


On the other hand, other alternatives have had their share of price hikes. Last week, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) increased its High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT) services by around 10 percent.

TCDD made a 3 percent increase in train tickets on January 20 last year. It has been learned that TCDD has made train tickets for the second time in the last 3 months. Ticket prices have increased by 10%. Thus, TCDD train tickets increased by 3 percent in 30 months. With the hike, Ankara-Istanbul YHT ticket prices increased from 118,50 TL to 130,50 TL.


Travel industry officials, on the other hand, offer SCT and VAT discounts on diesel as a solution. Speaking to SÖZCÜ TV before, Birol Özcan, President of the Turkish Bus Drivers Federation, said, “The wheels of the buses will not be able to turn in the future. Not only diesel price hikes; Highway entrances and exits and bridges also impressed us.” he said.

Özcan said, “Not only diesel, bridge and highway tolls; Other additional hikes also affect it. Since the citizens do not have the financial strength, they cannot have the freedom to travel and go wherever they want," he said.

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