Produce Your Own Energy Project Idea Competition Applications Started

Produce Your Own Energy Project Idea Competition Applications Started
Produce Your Own Energy Project Idea Competition Applications Started

Applications for the "Produce Your Own Energy" project idea competition, organized in cooperation with ASPİLSAN Energy and Central Anatolian Development Agency, have started.

With the project idea competition to be carried out in cooperation with ASPİLSAN Energy and Central Anatolia Development Agency, it is aimed to bring high-tech products to the defense industry and energy equipment production of the region and to employ qualified employment.

Providing information about the competition, Central Anatolian Development Agency Secretary General Ahmet Emin KİLCİ made the following statements: In the last 72 years, it has switched to result-oriented programming logic and intensified its activities in three main areas that we have determined in our Region. One of these areas is the development of the regional manufacturing industry. In the plan we created while aiming for this, we have special goals such as institutionalization of companies, efficient production, digitalization, giving importance to design and increasing the production of medium-high and high products in the industry of the Region.

This competition will serve the design and high technology purposes from these special purposes that I mentioned as a concept. When we look at the manufacturing industry of our region, the ratio of companies producing products at medium-high and high technology level is 16%. On the other hand, in the reports and field studies prepared by our agency, design is important in order for the manufacturing industry of the Region to be more resilient and efficient, and to sell the product we produce with more added value. We have determined that it should be given. We encourage such competitions in order to increase the design culture and the production that feeds on original designs and gains value.

As you know, the theme for 2022-2023 has been determined as "Youth Employment" by the Ministry of Industry and Technology Development Agencies General Directorate. In this respect, our Agency will carry out activities that encourage and increase youth employment in the provinces of our region. The "Produce Your Own Energy" competition, of which we signed the protocol today, will be an important activity for youth employment, just like the "My Job is an Entrepreneurship" competition that we have been holding for 5 years.

Making a statement about the "Produce Your Own Energy" project idea competition, ASPİLSAN Energy General Manager Ferhat Özsoy said: "The aim of this competition is to generate energy from environmental sources (such as sun, wind, vibration, heat, motion, sound) and to charge the generated energy. To support the development of projects involving the storage of removable batteries, batteries or storage systems. These projects are aimed at creating self-sustaining sustainable systems with energy harvesting methods or increasing the efficiency of non-sustainable systems. We want to encourage our young people working on battery management systems and energy storage systems across the country to implement their projects in teams.

We Want Projects Related to Energy Systems to Be Realized

With the "Produce Your Own Energy" competition, we will provide financial support for material purchases so that the most appropriate technology-based project ideas for which applications will be received are selected and turned into a prototype. I would also like to state that, if needed, laboratory, testing, workshop and mentoring services can be provided to project groups at ASPİLSAN Energy facilities.

With this competition we organized as ASPİLSAN Energy, we aim to strengthen the human resources in the energy sector in our country, to realize high technology-based ideas, and to establish a project-oriented culture in the fields of portable energy and energy efficiency.

As the thematic areas of the Create Your Own Energy competition, we determined the titles of Smart Energy, Sustainable Energy, Energy Production and Storage, Hybrid Systems, Renewable Energy Resources and Technologies, and Energy Production from Waste.

online on our website here It is possible to apply for the competition by filling in. I invite all of our young people working on energy systems to participate in our “Produce Your Own Energy” project idea competition.”

Produce Your Own Energy Project Idea Competition Applications Started

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