Dilovası Hospital Road Viaduct Construction Works Proceed Rapidly

Dilovasi Hospital Road Viaduct Construction Work Continues Rapidly
Dilovası Hospital Road Viaduct Construction Works Proceed Rapidly

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out rail systems, new roads, bridges and intersections at critical points of the city in order to make transportation more convenient and comfortable throughout Kocaeli, works without stopping at the "Dilovası Hospital Road Viaduct Construction Project" in Dilovası district. The first phase of the project, which will bring safety and comfort to the transportation between the district center and Dilovası State Hospital, has been completed. In this context, the teams that have completed the drilling work will soon lay the foundation of the viaduct legs. The contractor company is currently carrying out excavation work in the project area.


Expanding its reliable, easy and comfortable transportation network in Dilovası as in the whole of Kocaeli, the Metropolitan has built a 935-span viaduct with a length of 212 meters and a width of 14 meters on a 6-meter double road, which will provide easy access from the district center to Dilovası State Hospital. is doing. The highest pillar of the viaduct, which will pass over the Eynerce stream bed, is planned as 50 meters.


44 thousand 875 cubic meters of concrete and 7 tons of ribbed iron will be used in the construction of the project, where 235 thousand 412 cubic meters of excavation will be carried out. Again, within the scope of the project, 275 meters of stone wall, rain water lines, pavement and parquet works will be carried out. When the project comes to life, the 935-meter double road that will start from Istiklal Street will be connected to Dilovası State Hospital by passing over the valley with a viaduct. Thus, citizens' access to Dilovası State Hospital will be comfortable, safe and fast.

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