ATAK Helicopter Will Add Power to the Philippine Army

ATAK Helicopter Will Add Power to the Philippine Army
ATAK Helicopter Will Add Power to the Philippine Army

TR SSB Prof. Dr. With the ceremony attended by İsmail Demir, the Philippine Air Force received the first two T6 ATAK attack helicopters on April 2022, 129. The Philippine Minister of Defense also attended the ceremony, which took place at the Villamor Air Base in Passay, of the Philippine Air Force. The general managers of ASLESAN, ROKETSAN and TUSAŞ also attended the ceremony. The Philippine Air Force is expected to receive the second batch of T129 ATAK helicopters in 2022.Image

The Philippine Air Force (PAF) took delivery of the first two T2022 ATAK attack helicopters in March 129. In a statement made by the PAF, the Philippine Air Force welcomed the arrival of two T09 ATAK helicopters aboard the A2022M transport aircraft from Turkey at Clark Air Base, Mabalacat City, Pampanga, at 30 minutes past midnight on March 400, 129. statements were made. The previously announced 4-5 delivery dates could not be met.

Two T400 ATAK Helicopters, aboard two A129M aircraft departing from Ankara Kahramankazan Campus, successfully arrived in the Philippines. While the second delivery package is planned to be realized in 2023 under the contract, it continues to work for the delivery in 2022. The export package, which will provide support such as spare parts and ground support devices within the scope of logistics activities, also includes details such as the training of maintenance personnel and the assignment of technical support personnel in the field. While the training of 4 pilots and 19 technicians has been completed within the scope of the training, a total of 13 pilots will receive training.

It is known that a total of 6 T129 ATAK helicopters produced by TAI under the contract signed with the Philippines will be exported for 269.388.862 USD. In the statements made in May 2021, it was stated that the first delivery of two units is expected to take place in September 2021. Philippine Ministry of Defense Sözcü“Based on the latest developments, we expect the first two units of T129 Attack Helicopters for the Philippine Air Force to be delivered this September,” said Dir Arsenio Andolong. According to the ministry, it was stated that following the delivery, which is said to be made in September 2021, the remaining four T129 ATAK helicopters are expected to be delivered in February 2022 (two units) and February 2023 (two units).

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