Terrorist Preparing to Attack Civil Citizens Caught in Kocaeli

Terrorist Preparing to Attack Civil Citizens Caught in Kocaeli
Terrorist Preparing to Attack Civil Citizens Caught in Kocaeli

A foreign national named HY, who was determined to be in preparation for a sensational action on behalf of the PKK/PYD terrorist organization in Kocaeli; He was caught by the Kocaeli Intelligence and Anti-Terrorism Branch Directorate teams.

Special Team Established

Kocaeli Police Department started a meticulous study upon the knowledge that the terrorist organization PKK/PYD is preparing for action in the city. A special team from the terror and intelligence units was formed and examined all the camera footage in the city center.

When it was determined that the activist was in search of an attack on the public buses of Kocaeli Municipality, the button was pressed and the member of the organization was caught in the operation carried out on April 12.

In the personal statement;

“After the members of the responsible organization within the PKK/PYD terrorist organization in Raqqa, Syria, stated that they reached him via his social media account, the locations of the places he chose during his stay in Turkey, and the photos of the vehicles to be sent, burned the vehicles and sent money in return for this work, Kocaeli Central Adnan Menderes He admitted that he made the discovery of the public buses around the Boulevard and sent the discovery video to the members of the organization.

The person also said, “For every video he shoots, $1500 and $5000 for every car he burns. kazanHe stated that he could not understand at first that he was told that he would die, that the money offer was a lie, that when he realized the truth after sending the video and refused to burn the vehicle, the terrorist organization threatened to kill his family thereupon.

A multi-faceted investigation into the person's connections continues.

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