Great Convenience for Couples to Get Married with e-Marriage Application

Great Convenience for Couples to Get Married with e Marriage Application
Great Convenience for Couples to Get Married with e-Marriage Application

The e-Marriage Application of the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs of the Ministry of Interior allows newly married couples to register their marriages electronically in the family registers. The e-Marriage Application made it easier for newly married couples to change their new identity, driver's license and passport after marriage, while also reducing bureaucracy.

Marriage of 1 Thousand Couples in 152 Year Registered with e-Marriage

With the integration between the e-Municipality system developed by the General Directorate of Information Technologies of the Ministry of Interior and MERNİS, the e-Marriage application, which enables the registration of marriage notification forms and marriage information prepared by the municipal marriage officers to the family registers in electronic environment, was put into practice on March 25, 2021.

Through the e-Marriage application, which is used by 779 municipalities across the country, 609.955 of approximately 152.885 marriages have been registered electronically.

With the registration realized within 3 working days after the marriage took place, time and labor savings were achieved, and it was also prevented from sending the marriage notifications to the civil registry offices in paper form. In addition, bureaucracy was reduced with the registration processes transferred to the electronic environment, thus saving time and paperwork.

Post-marriage transactions accelerated

Citizens can easily change their new identity cards, driver's license and passports, if any, after the registration process, which is done quickly after the marriage takes place.

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