Mersin Metropolitan's 26 New 'Yellow Lemon' on Highland Roads

Mersin Metropolitan's New 'Yellow Lemon' On Highland Roads
Mersin Metropolitan's 26 New 'Yellow Lemon' on Highland Roads

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department added 26 new buses to its public transportation fleet to serve rural neighborhoods. Yellow Limonlar, which made a city tour at the weekend, started its journeys at the beginning of the week. The first passengers of the new buses emphasized that they were satisfied with the vehicles.

“How many things have changed in Mersin when heads have changed”

The Metropolitan Municipality, which brought 87 new buses to Mersin last year, is adding 185 new buses to its public transport fleet by the end of this year. Of the 67 buses that will arrive in April, 26 of them reached the city in the first place. Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer participated in the city tour of the buses at the weekend and said, “Since the day we took office, we will have put a total of 272 new buses into the service of Mersin residents. How much has changed in Mersin when minds have changed, and it will continue to change," he said.

New Lemons hit the road, highland roads turned yellow

26 new buses, which will serve rural neighborhoods in Mersin's central districts, set out for the higher parts of the city at the beginning of the week. With its 8,5-meter diesel attack and short trailer, Sarı Limonlar has many facilities such as a disabled ramp, free Wi-Fi and a phone charger. The reinforced air-conditioning system of the buses provided significant comfort to the citizens. Citizens on their way to rural neighborhoods shared their opinions about the new buses.

Citizens were satisfied with the new buses

Citizen Kazım İnce said, “First of all, I would like to thank Vahap Seçer for such a service. A new, clean and beautiful car. I was very satisfied. I've been going this route for 5 years. 26 of them came, I got on today. It's pretty cool. We are very happy that we will always use it from now on.”

Sevim Küçük, one of the citizens, shared her thoughts about the bus and said, "May Allah be pleased with our President. They removed the old cars. I bought feed for my chickens, I'm driving comfortably with my Sunday car. Our car is beautiful. I was shocked to see it, I will tell everyone. Lemon colour. We are very happy, God bless you," he said.

Emphasizing that he has been using the highland roads for 35 years, Mehmet Şentürk said, “The new buses have been very good. Vahap Seçer did a great job. I am going to Ayvagedigi right now”.

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