Rain Gardens Against Drought from Izmir Metropolitan

rain gardens against drought from izmir metropolitan
rain gardens against drought from izmir metropolitan

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerIzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has taken a series of measures against climate crisis and drought within the framework of the vision of creating resilient cities, will prevent both floods in the ecological parks it will implement in the Kahramandere and Mustafa Kemal neighborhoods in Güzelbahçe, in the Orange Valley under construction in Buca and in the Uzundere Urban Transformation area. It will establish rain gardens that will prevent rainwater and make use of rain water.

With the amendment made in the zoning regulation in order to use declining water resources more efficiently and to combat drought, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which obliges rainwater harvesting in newly constructed buildings over a thousand square meters and green roofs in buildings over 60 thousand square meters, will implement rainforest in park, recreation and living space projects. He also attaches great importance to his gardens. Rain gardens are being established in the ecological parks to be implemented in the Güzelbahçe Kahramandere and Mustafa Kemal neighborhoods, in the Portakal Valley in Buca, and in the Uzundere Urban Transformation area, which will both prevent flooding and enable the evaluation of rain water.

Rain water will be used in ponds in Portakal Valley

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who said "Izmir with nature, not despite nature" Tunç SoyerWork continues at an intense pace in Portakal Vadisi, which is one of the environmental projects announced by . An area of ​​200 thousand square meters in Buca Tınaztepe Neighborhood is turning into an ecological city park. İzmir's new natural habitat will increase the physical and mental quality of life of the citizens with its jogging, walking, cycling tracks, viewing terraces, cafeteria, picnic area, delicatessen, square, grass amphitheater, playgrounds, therapy and training gardens. In the valley, which will be an example of a sustainable urban environment and design integrated with nature, it is also aimed to reduce the urban heat island effect by taking into account the measures against the global climate crisis. Within the scope of the project, the feature of the area as a water collection basin will be preserved and improved. By using solar energy, 26 percent of the facility's electricity needs will be provided. Rainwater will be collected and used in ponds and dry stream beds. Orange Valley will be put into service in May 26,6 with an investment of 2022 million liras.

Rainwater harvesting will be done in ecological parks in Güzelbahçe

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to add two ecological parks to Güzelbahçe. According to the project, the stream edges in Kahramandere District and Mustafa Kemal Paşa District will be turned into living spaces where people of Güzelbahçe can meet with the greenery, relax, walk and do sports in the fresh air. In both projects to be implemented on an area of ​​54 thousand square meters, drought-resistant plant species that require low maintenance, solar-powered lighting, disabled, elderly and child-friendly design, activities that will create the spirit of the neighborhood, materials compatible with nature, permeable surfaces and green areas provide rain for water to continue its journey in nature. There will be a water collection system. Flood control will be provided by using a permeable surface in the streams. The first city gardens after Kadifekale will also come to life in the parks.

Rain garden and rain ditches in Uzundere Urban Transformation area

Continuing its urban transformation works with the principle of 40% consensus and on-site transformation in order to ensure healthy construction and transformation in many parts of the city, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has included a rain garden and rain ditches in Uzundere Urban Transformation Area. Rain gardens will be established in the recreation area to be created by the stream. There will be rain ditches along the pavement line. In the landscape project of 817 thousand square meters, the plant diversity in the area will be increased, and activity, play and recreation areas will be created. Having completed the first and second phases of the Uzundere Urban Transformation Project, and handing over 422 independent units to the beneficiaries, the Metropolitan will build a thousand XNUMX independent units in the third phase. The region will be a center of attraction for Uzundere and its surroundings with its social facilities and green areas.

What is rainwater harvesting?

Today, where the use of rainwater is becoming increasingly important due to the global climate crisis, rainwater harvesting and rainwater are collected and stored for use. Rain gardens are gardens created in shallow areas where the rain water is directed directly without any treatment and on which plants grow. Rain gardens provide controlled flow of rain water by reducing the flow rate, prevent soil loss, collect and direct unwanted puddles in hard-surfaced areas such as vehicle roads, parking lots and walkways, bring them back to nature, provide natural drainage and give the area an aesthetic appearance. With rainwater harvesting, tons of water is saved.

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