Hello, I'm Robot Albert Einstein

hello i am robot albert einstein
hello i am robot albert einstein

From the dancing robot to the piano-playing robot, from the robot panda to the Robot Einstein, the stunning state-of-the-art robot was presented to visitors at the 10 World Robot Exhibition, which started in Beijing on September 2021.

Debuting at the 2021 World Robot Conference, panda You You, 1,3 meters tall and weighing 63 kilograms, is a service robot specially designed for the 2020 Dubai EXPO. You You can do traditional Chinese calligraphy, painting and Taiji.
“Meng Mengzi” who can dance

With a height of 1,3 meters and a weight of approximately 45 kg, You You has close to 22 highly movable joints. The robot, which can easily raise and turn its head, shake hands and walk, also draws attention with its dynamism. The robot, which can recognize many languages ​​accurately and quickly, can communicate with people in different languages. The smart robot is already used in many sectors such as transportation, services, medicine and banking.

Robots will also be used in the tourism sector

“Einstein” in a suit waves to the audience live. “Robot Einstein” has a very realistic appearance, not only with raising his eyebrows and twisting his lips, but also with his fluffy hair, patches of skin and puffy veins. Bionic robots will be used in stations, airports and many other places in the future. Robots will communicate closely with humans and provide promotional and tour services in different areas.

Source: China International Radio

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