Kuşadası Golden Pigeon Composition and Music Competition Ends

Kuşadası Golden Pigeon Composition and Music Contest has ended
Kuşadası Golden Pigeon Composition and Music Contest has ended

The 24th Kuşadası Golden Pigeon Composition and Music Competition came to an end with a magnificent final night. He won the first place in Turkey's first and only composition competition, Altın Güvercin, hosted by the famous TV personality Okan Bayülgen, with the song 'Sevgilim' by Suat Suna, composed by Hande Kodamanoğlu. Nükhet Duru, the beloved artist of Turkish pop music, also marked the final with her songs.

The magnificent final night of the Kuşadası Golden Pigeon Composition Competition, which was brought together with music lovers for the 24th time this year in cooperation with Aydın Metropolitan Municipality, Kuşadası Municipality and Kuşadası Golden Pigeon Culture, Art and Promotion Foundation (KUSAV), was held at the Golden Pigeon Amphitheater. Famous pop music artist Nükhet Duru, who took the stage in the night broadcast live on Tele 1, Halk TV, Number 1, Uçankuş and Babala TV, with the presentation of the famous television personality Okan Bayülgen, gave the participants a magnificent musical feast.


Speaking at the opening of the final night, Kuşadası Mayor Ömer Günel thanked everyone who participated in the final of the 24th Golden Pigeon Composition Competition this year and did not leave them alone, and said, “As Kuşadası Municipality, we have stood by the musicians especially during the pandemic period. While we make Kuşadası a center of culture and art, we want its name to be mentioned with music. The Golden Pigeon Composition Competition now has a new goal. With the encouragement and cooperation of our Aydın Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Özlem Çerçioğlu, we want to turn Altın Güvercin into an international pop music composition competition. The competition will first cover the countries in the Mediterranean basin. Then we will further develop its boundaries. We are determined to achieve this goal. Because Golden Pigeon still remains Turkey's first and only composition competition.


24 finalists in the 10th Kuşadası Golden Pigeon Composition Competition, which was held with the colorful presentation of the famous TV personality Okan Bayülgen, Ali Rıza Türker, Ahmet Güvenç, Ayhan Sicimoğlu, Baha Boduroğlu, Gültaç Eviz, Işın Karaca, İskender Paydaş, İzzet Öz , Mine Mucur, Oğuzhan Uğur, Serenad Bağcan, Vedat Sakman and the representative of the digital voting that was added to the competition last year, performed his compositions in front of the jury members. Hande Kodamanoğlu 'My Love', Gülay Sezer 'The Feet of the Night', Ercüment Vural 'My Day of Mourning', Kaan Beyru 'You Say To Live', Gökçe Özgül 'Even if We Die Never Ends', Sırma Munyar 'Disonans', according to the order determined by the lottery at the gala night , Songül Eken-Korat Eriş 'Hüma', Engin Özer 'Depression', Ezgi Gürbüz 'If There Is a Way', Belma Gürbüz 'Years Later' appeared before the jury.


After the performances of the finalists, the popular Turkish pop music artist Nükhet Duru sang her beautiful songs for the participants. Nükhet Duru gave the audience a wonderful night with her voice, interpretation and stage performance. After the concert, KUSAV Honor Award was presented to Nükhet Duru by KUSAV President Levent Köylü. KUSAV President Köylü stated that they are happy to realize the Golden Pigeon this year as well, and said, “The KUSAV Foundation has decided to present this year's honor award to dear Nükhet Duru. We have some criteria when making this decision. The first is that it has added great value to the profession for many years and continues to seek this value every year. The second is that the artist sets an example for the next generations. Among our most important criteria is the ability of the founder of our republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, to continue the goals he set for the foundations of this country, to believe in them and to perform his art on this path," he said.


The jokes of Okan Bayülgen, the famous television personality who presented the final night of the 24th Kuşadası Golden Pigeon Composition and Music Competition, were marked. Bayülgen's jokes about jury member Ayhan Sicimoğlu and Nükhet Duru made the participants laugh at the Altın Güvercin Amphitheater.


Hande Kodamanoğlu won the Golden Pigeon with the song 'Sevgilim', whose composition was written by Suat Suna, with the result of the digital voting included in the evaluation of the grand jury. Kusadasi Mayor Ömer Günel and Aydın Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Evrim Karakoz presented Kodamanoğlu with a monetary award of 100 thousand liras. The song 'Bir Yolu Olsa', composed by Merve Öner Demirci and performed by Ezgi Gürbüz, was awarded the second place and the Best Interpreter award in the Golden Pigeon Composition Competition. Gürbüz received the Silver Pigeon award from CHP Party Assembly Member and Aydın Deputy Bülent Tezcan and Good Party Deputy Chairman Berna Sukas, while Şakir Eviz, the owner of Eviz Yapı, the main sponsor of the competition, presented the Best Commentator award. Gökçe Özgül, who was the winner of 2019, won the third place in the competition with her composition titled 'Death Is Not Ended'. Ayhan Sicimoğlu presented Özgül with the Bronze Pigeon Award.

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