Disaster Responsiveness Rate of Ankara Residents Is Above Turkey's Average

The disaster sensitivity rate of the people of Ankara is above the Turkish average.
The disaster sensitivity rate of the people of Ankara is above the Turkish average.

The survey conducted by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement Department to examine the preparedness level of the residents of the Capital for disasters and emergencies has been concluded. In the report prepared as a result of the survey conducted with more than 10 thousand citizens living in 10 districts, it was revealed that the sensitivity rate of Ankara residents to disasters is above the average of Turkey.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, to determine the level of preparedness of the citizens of the capital for disasters and emergencies and to increase the awareness of disasters. kazanA city-wide survey was conducted in order to

Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement Department determined the level of knowledge, skills and awareness of citizens living in Ankara by examining the level of preparedness for disasters and emergencies, their social vulnerability characteristics and the factors affecting them with quantitative methods and techniques.

In the report prepared as a result of the survey; While it was pointed out that disaster education should be given priority, it was stated that the sensitivity rate of Ankara residents to disasters is above the Turkey average.


To the “Research on the Factors Affecting the Disaster/Emergency Preparedness Level of Ankara City Residents” held in 10 districts of the capital; 26 thousand 34 people who have lived in the city for 10 years on average, whose average age is 630, half of whom are university graduates and whose income is less than their expenses, participated.

The report prepared as a result of the survey study, which started in April, included remarkable findings. The results of the survey, in which more than half of the participants want to volunteer in a possible disaster/emergency situation, are as follows:

- Districts that should be supported primarily in terms of preparedness and awareness in the face of a possible disaster/emergency were determined as Gölbaşı, Polatlı, Mamak, Altındağ, Keçiören and Pursaklar.

- Nearly half of the participants have a (relatively low) disaster/emergency awareness level below the average

- Ankara city residents have a high level of sensitivity, benefit and seriousness towards disasters/emergency situations. The majority know that they are vulnerable to the harmful effects of a possible disaster and are ready to take protective action. In addition, the behaviors required to be protected from the possible damages of disasters. kazanbelieves it will be useful

-Sensitivity to disasters and emergencies, severity and benefit sub-dimension averages are high in women, those with a high level of education, those who have experienced a disaster in the past, and those who want to volunteer in a possible disaster/emergency situation.

-The majority of Ankara city residents are sensitive to adverse conditions that a possible disaster/emergency may cause, approach disasters seriously and think it is beneficial to take precautions.

Although the participants perceive the seriousness of the effects of a possible disaster, they are not sufficient in terms of both material (physical preparations such as protection and drills, preventive initiatives, creating a family disaster plan, allocating time and financial resources for preparation) and spiritual (perception of fate, emotional and social factors) opportunities. expressed his opinion extensively.


With the work of the Department of Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement; The level of preparedness for disasters/emergency situations, social vulnerability characteristics, perceived sensitivity to disaster/emergency, severity, benefit, self-efficacy levels, attitudes towards taking action and the factors affecting these were analyzed using quantitative methods and techniques.

In the conclusion part of the study; In the light of the findings, it was pointed out that information and awareness-raising trainings should be conducted to increase the preparedness level of Ankara residents for disasters/emergency situations and to bring about concrete behavioral changes.


Evaluating the results of the survey, Hacettepe University Social Work Department Lecturer Prof. Dr. Tarık Tuncay stated that two out of every three citizens in Ankara want to work voluntarily on disasters and emergencies, and said, “We reached more than ten thousand citizens covering 380 districts in 10 neighborhoods in Ankara and conducted a survey. We tried to discover the factors affecting disaster preparedness and asked our citizens, 'How would you feel in case of any disaster? What do you do?' We asked questions. A little more than half of our citizens think, 'There may be a disaster, there may be an emergency, I should be aware, I should take precautions and how can I be protected from it'. Of course, half of the population does not agree. In the meantime, good results came out. Maybe I can say that almost two of our three city residents said, 'If there is a disaster emergency, I will run from my heart, I will volunteer, I will contribute wholeheartedly to the work of local governments and central government, that is, all authorities.

Tuncay said that the level of education has an impact on disasters and emergencies; Stating that the disaster and emergency preparedness rate is low in Gölbaşı, Polatlı, Altındağ, Mamak and Keçiören, he emphasized that the preparedness level is higher in Çankaya, Yenimahalle and Etimesgut.


Mutlu Gürler, Head of the Department of Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, made the following assessments regarding the survey and its results:

“We tried to learn about the expectations, doubts, concerns and thoughts of our citizens living in Ankara about disasters. In order to determine the direction of our work, it is necessary to understand the social expectations sociologically. This survey was part of that. To briefly summarize the picture that emerged, we learned that citizens living in the city of Ankara are more sensitive to disasters than Turkey's average. As Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, we take charge everywhere in disasters and emergencies that occur in Turkey. In line with the mission of our President Mansur, we are working to strengthen all the tools, equipment and personnel of our municipality in case of disasters and emergencies all over Turkey, and to involve our volunteers in these activities.”

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